Best of Paragliding 2018

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson Reveals If She’s Heading to the Summer Olympics

Retezat Hiking Trail 2019

– We challenge you… who ever wants… -Challenge, we are launching a challenge – Go RETEZAT! -Push…. -Push…. -Push…. -Push,, push,push,push,push,push,push,push -Beautiful! Whistle (Response from other people scattered across the trail) (Laughing) (Odd sounding response) -That guy makes a weird sound … – Is 7:53PM We started walking at 10:40 Continue Reading

How did Elizabeth Learn How to Swim? Watch her Win

(laughs) “It’s Elizabeth’s first bath.” (Cute baby sounds) (More cute baby sounds) “Yay!” “Yay!” (Adorable baby talk.) “Good girl.” (faint) “Yay!” “Good girl.” “No!” “Yay!” “Good job!” “You did it!” “Okay, go to Mom.” “You want to go to the wall?” “Go to the wall.” “Right behind you.” “Go, go, Continue Reading

Which Swim Goggles Are The Best? (TEST)


Do You Love Swimming Pools in Summer? Let Us Ruin That for You

How’s your summer going? Did you spend a lot of time in the pool? Have fond memories of the ol’ swimmin’ hole? Well, let me retroactively ruin them. Pools are gross. The thing about water is some pathogens absolutely thrive in it. Harmful viruses, bacteria, and protozoa can be transmitted Continue Reading

Upper body workout + Skate sesh with boo Johnson