Shiva – Full Episode 11 – The Ghost of Vedas City

Hey! Pedaram, you please go and bring Laddoo Singh sir. I’ll go and stop him. Hmm. Hey! Hey, kid. Why did you come in our way? Quickly, take out your cycle. Uncle, don’t even call me a kid. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Shiva. You broke the signal, you Continue Reading

Shiva – Full Episode 35 – Toofan

Take. Take. Hey! We’ve only brought foodstuff. No one has brought water. It’s not at all tough for me to bring water. But I haven’t brought my arrows with me today. Once upon a time, a water drought struck the village. Everyone came running to me and requested me to Continue Reading

Cheap Bike Vs. Super Bike | What’s The Difference?

– How much difference does spending money make to the performance of your bike? – Well, we’re going to find out in “Cheap Bike vs. Super Bike”. – Ding, ding! – Two bikes at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Firstly is this, Canyon’s Aeroad bike. Lightweight, carbon fibre, moulded Continue Reading