Our New Family Member!!

– And we are headed to visit a horse that I think I’m getting. But I am really, really hoping that he’s the one. If everything goes good, I’m getting a horse today. ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ This is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we Continue Reading

Future Surf Pro

– No, don’t hit me! No, no! You got me! – We’re starting the day off with delicious crepes, and we’re gonna have the best day ever. – Wanna try a bite? (baby cries) Oh it’s so yummy! – Adley does not want to try my crepes. (crying) – Okay, Continue Reading

DINOSAUR EGG hidden in our backyard!! Adley and Dad after work routine

– Do you guys think Adley can jump over me? (drum bangs) (laughter) That was so scary! (Adley babbles, giggles) – I’m on my belly! – [Dad] You are! – (Adley yells) – Hi, everybody! – Hi, everybody! – Did you have a good day? – Yeah. – What’d you Continue Reading


(laughing) – [Missy] He wants his sword back. – Get away from me, get away from me! (shouting) (clicking noise) (laughing) – [Missy] Why do you always have to bring a gun to this fight? (“This is home” by Bryan Lanning) – Good morning. – Good morning, boys. Where are Continue Reading

A Christmas Story In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 10)

it’s not even fun anymore, it’s not funny you’re full of beans and so is your old man oh yeah yeah says who? says me oh yeah? yeah! well, I dare you to stick your tongue on that pole are you kidding me? stick my tongue on that stupid pole, Continue Reading

Carousel Horse Race

Welcome to Bryant Park and the 143rd running of the Bryant Park Stakes. I’m Alex Scordelis here with me is Ben Rodgers. Ben we have a terrific race on our hands today. Blue skies overhead, really dry fast track out there. These animal are gonna move. And the spectator are Continue Reading

SkipTheDishes Couriers Get an Unexpected Surprise!

[Light Music] Hey Scott, I’m Myles. I’m excited to meet you! I’m Amanda I have a wonderful boyfriend of three and a half years. And we have a blended family of eight children. I got here today, because I received an email from SkipTheDishes, asking me to come in to Continue Reading

Countdown to Christmas! Playmobil Advent Calendar Week 2

there! that’s it come on you can do it (whinny) it’s a gate it’s okay we’ve got to teach you to properly go in and out of the gate and not be frightened that’s it good job good job oh you did great boy I sure hope the others arrive Continue Reading

HILARIOUS Horse Photoshoot Fail!! ✨😮😂

– [Woman] We’re done running. (laughs) – [Missy] Oh my God! – Oh, yeah. – Yeah. (Missy shrieks) ♪ The show of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live Forever ♪ (lively electronic music) – Ah, it’s hot. Hi, hot, hot, hot. Good morning, good morning, guys! Continue Reading


– [Woman] Yeah, he’ll be fine. – [Kayla] I’m not standing behind him though. – [Connie] Hi! – [Shawn] Hi, horsey! What’s your name? – [Woman] Rusty. – [Shawn] Hi, Rusty, look at you! – [Connie] Rusty, look at this one! – [Man] You take Amiga. – [Shawn] We’ve got Continue Reading