How to Swim Faster Freestyle Instantly: 3 Mistakes Beginner Swimmers & Triathletes Make

If you’re either a beginner triathlete, or you’ve been swimming for a while and you’re just looking to get a little bit faster, stick around and I’ll tell you the three most common mistakes that new swimmers make. Ok, the first most common mistake, and even experienced swimmers are guilty Continue Reading

Polk BOOM Swimmer: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker; Review & Shower Speaker Test

I am unboxing and reviewing the BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker: it is very light, has an impressive sound for its little size and, YES, it is waterproof! Lots of fun! Coming up on “You Have An iPad”. This is the “Swimmer” from BOOM. It is a portable, wireless speaker you Continue Reading

Children’s swimming lessons in Bury | STA Level 2 swimming teachers

When children start off in swimming lessons at Bury Leisure, in the 3-4-years category, the teacher gets in the water with them. We work on a ratio of 1:6 and the teachers prepare the children, ready for a teacher being on poolside. We never have classes larger than 12 per Continue Reading

Triathlon Swimming Gear: Taren’s Swim Bag Essentials

Hey what’s up guys Taren here if you’re looking to Gear Up for your swim sessions stick around because we are going to go through my swim bag from top to bottom I’ll tell you what’s inside here and where you can get it alright let’s just start rooting around Continue Reading

Injury Prevention Exercises for Swimmers

Hi there! I’m Chloe Sutton. I’m a two-time Olympian and the first American woman to swim open water in the Olympics. Now I started training at an elite level from about age 11 and I would do anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 meters per week in the pool. Now that’s Continue Reading

Shoulder Pain When Swimming? | How To Avoid Swimmers Shoulder

– Your shoulders do a lot of the work in swimming. You have a huge range of movement at the shoulder and it’s quite a significant force, repetitively, for every stroke of front crawl. Therefore it’s no surprise that problems in the shoulder area, are the most common injuries for Continue Reading

How To Use A Swim Pace Clock | Keeping Time When Swimming

(dramatic music) (clocking ticking) (mechanical typing) – This is a swimming pool clock and whether you’ve used one or not, you’ve probably noticed a clock like this on the wall of your local swimming pool that isn’t there to tell the time. This is actually a pace clock and it’s Continue Reading

Swimming – Turns – Freestyle Flip Turn Step #1

TURNS – Noodle Flip If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do a flip turn (and what swimmer doesn’t?), here’s a fun drill that is step #1 in the learning process. Over the next few weeks, we’ll present a five step sequence that will get you spinning and turning Continue Reading

3 Main things that will make you swim faster.

The Los Angeles olympics 1932 Japanese swimmers re-wrote the record book By speeding up their tempo of their arms and legs In a revolutionary style that rock the swimming world. I have always been amazed by Japanese swimmers. They are not the strongest or the tallest, yet they always seem Continue Reading