Swimming: Personalized Video Analysis for a Triathlete from CoachMyVideo.com

Hi Melissa Thanks for sending your videos into CoachMyVideo.com LEFT: you swimming on the surface. . . RIGHT: underwater video analysis LEFT: in SLOW-MOTION, so we can see what’s going on… a real CLEAN EXIT on your stroke – really liking that not a lot of white water coming back Continue Reading

Treading Water Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 16’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson #treading

Alright summer leaguers this is day sixteen. I just got in from practice, we worked on treading. Now treading is a skill a lot of times they use it for life-saving and just staying up above the water but it can actually be used in training as well to help Continue Reading

3 Triathlon Swimming Technique Tips: Breathing for Freestyle

When I first got into Triathlon it was after about 20 years of never being in the pool I was actually quite afraid of the water a few years later I went from struggling to swim just a 25-yard length to actually completing a nine-hour 17-Mile 27 kilometer Marathon swim Continue Reading

Swimisodes – Swimming Streamline

it amazes me what a slight difference in your body position can do to the drag forces the water is 800 times denser than air there’s no forgiveness in the water there’s no mercy you make a mistake you pay for it and I’d love to do this little drill Continue Reading

Swimming – Freestyle – Flutter-Kick Basics

Freestyle – Flutter Kick Basics Depending on the type of swimming you’re doing… competitive, fitness, or open water… the ability to control your legs, and keep them productive, is very important. Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you work on your flutter kick. Why do Continue Reading

Aviation Rescue Swimmer – Melissa A. Dixon

Being a rescue swimmer is important, to me, ’cause I like to help people. We stand a 24-hour alert weekdays and weekends. Stand alert for the jets on the base and also for any emergency in our area of responsibility. My name is Melissa Dixon. I’m a Second Class Petty Continue Reading

Top 9 Pool Swimming Hacks | Swim Training Tips

– There’s a lot that we can learn from professional swimmers and I’m not even talking about their beautiful and efficient swimming strokes. Today, I’m talking about hacks. I mean, if you swam twice a day, six days a week, then you’re probably going to find some ways to make Continue Reading