Treading Water Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 16’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson #treading

Alright summer leaguers this is day sixteen. I just got in from practice, we worked on treading. Now treading is a skill a lot of times they use it for life-saving and just staying up above the water but it can actually be used in training as well to help Continue Reading

2 Breaststroke Drills for Kicks | Swimming Lessons

A good way to practice kicking for breaststroke is to isolate the kick on its own, and to include the breathing as part of the component in practicing the kick. This will help you with the rhythm of the breaststroke, and also allow you to practice your breathing on top Continue Reading

Physical activity – learn to swim (video)

bjbj GFYL-004 Learn to Swim Tony Tony: Water, I don t mind the stuff. I don t mind showering in it; I don t mind jet skiing on it and I don t mind going on boats, but when I have to put my head under the water, that really Continue Reading

How to Do Sculling | Swimming Lessons

Sculling sets the foundation for any swimming stroke, for treading water, for any sort of exercises or recreational swim that you might be doing during the time of swimming. Sculling pretty much is a movement of palms and forearms, that create propulsion for you to stay on top of the Continue Reading