Zipper Swimming Drill: Professional Swim Coaching – Ep. 1

The importance of the zipper drill is to fine-tune the recovery of your swim stroke. When doing the zipper drill, the goal was to keep your elbow high, and don’t cross the midline of your body. When doing this drill slide your thumb along the side of your body to Continue Reading

Swimming Lesson: How to Swim Deep Underwater

In this video, we’re gonna learn how to swim deep. To swim deep, it’s important that you’re able to control your breathing. Before going down to deeper levels, let’s practice breathing. Take a big breath and blow bubbles underwater. Repeat several times until you feel comfortable. Once you feel confident Continue Reading

Children’s swimming lessons in Bury | STA Level 2 swimming teachers

When children start off in swimming lessons at Bury Leisure, in the 3-4-years category, the teacher gets in the water with them. We work on a ratio of 1:6 and the teachers prepare the children, ready for a teacher being on poolside. We never have classes larger than 12 per Continue Reading

Swimming Tutorial. Breathing. Part 2. How to improve your Freestyle Technique. Head position

The best way to learn new skills is to focus on one thing and practice it frequently. The next time you swim it is a good idea to focus on your shoulders and head position as explained on these 4 points. Your eyes should be pointing between the surface and Continue Reading

How to Swim : How to Teach a Child to Swim

Hi, this is Phil and Callie, and this is how to teach a child how to swim. The first thing you want to remember when working with a child, is to remember what it was like to be a child. Only at that point can you really understand the fears Continue Reading


In this video, You will learn how to be confident in the water and you will learn to swim in a relaxed manner If you are interested, please, continue watching this video Welcome to the channel, these are swimming lessons that everyone should do when starting to learn to swim Continue Reading

Torpedo Kick in Swimming: Swim Training by SwimSmooth – Ep. 9

One of the most relaxing things you can do in your new Endless Pool is to pop a pair of flippers on like these from Finnies, uh Finnies rubber fins. They’re nice and flexible, nice and long. They’re going to encourage you to kick with this longer straight to the Continue Reading

Side Kicking Swim Drills: Swim Training by SwimSmooth – Ep. 10

Once you’ve established your torpedo shape in the water, it’s now time to take things a step further. Now what we’re going to do is an exercise simply called kicking on the side. Rather than having both arms out in front of you, one arm is going to go out Continue Reading

Popeye Breathing Technique for Swimmers: Swim Training by SwimSmooth – Ep. 6

Keeping one goggle in the water and one goggle out is a very abstract way to make sure you’re keeping your breathing head or your head position, I should say, when you’re breathing in the right spot. It’s a nice abstract thing to look for, is this line that separates Continue Reading