3 Swim Drills To Improve Your Front Crawl Technique | Swim Faster Freestyle In your Next Triathlon

– Swimming is a highly technical sport and getting the hang of that technique is no easy task, but then swimming with the wrong technique could mean that you’re swimming inefficiently, on other words, making it a lot harder then it should be. – Yeah, the best way to improve Continue Reading

The most important muscles in swimming :: Strong core = fast swimming

The most important muscles in swimming It’s true that you use most of the muscles in your body to swim, but there is a group of muscles that is essential for swimming more than any other, that is the core muscles. Just look at these amazing men and women competing Continue Reading

The Catch – How To Swim Front Crawl | Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Swimming fast is a combination of fitness and great technique. One is about physical hard work, the other slightly more mental. – Yeah you can spend hours plodding or thrashing up and down the pool per week doing thousands of metres and see very little difference in your swim Continue Reading

Swimming – Turns – Freestyle Flip Turn Step #5

TURNS – Noodle Flip – Step 5 Here’s our 5th and final step in our learning sequence for flip turns. Why do it: In steps #2 through #4 of our flip turn sequence, we’ve asked you to flip straight over and push off on your back. Pushing off on your Continue Reading

Swimisodes – Improve Butterfly Technique – Skate Drill

A lot of coaches referred a butterfly rolling is a short-axis. Though, I hate that term because you really don’t wanna rotate the body up and fly. You want to keep the body pretty close to horizontal as much as you can, and reduce drag. And so the way we Continue Reading

Hypoxic training. Workout #8. Control your breath while swimming

holding your breath while swimming is very different than holding it like this, not moving. So to get better at underwater dolphin kick or controlling your breathing patterns while swimming you must do these following exercises. remember that you must never do these exercises without professional supervision. Shallow water blackouts Continue Reading

Improve your Butterfly swimming (5 Stages) technique for beginners

this is a guide to help you swim butterfly without getting tired. It consists of 5 phases. I’m not saying that you will watch this video and you’ll immediately go to the pool and swim hundreds of yards without breaking a sweat. No no, on this video I will show Continue Reading

Butterfly swimming important detail :: Wide vs narrow entry

Recently I noticed something was off with my butterfly. It was taking me too much effort to get my arms out of the water and into the initial position of the pull again. So I made a few changes, but the one that I think is most interesting is a Continue Reading

Backstroke workout #5 improve your swimming technique

Welcome back to our workout videos! As always, remember that you can download the PDF version of this backstroke workout on the link in the description. This workout is 1950 meters or yards long. For warm up we will start with 5 x 50s Freestyle. Remember that this is warm Continue Reading

Don’t swim until you do this! Full body warm up for swimming

This warm up is very extensive. You probably don’t need to warm up this much before every practice but you can pick different exercises every time and that way it doesn’t become so monotonous. To start we will do circles with our head to warm up the neck muscles. Now Continue Reading