Dear “normal” people. A letter to non-swimmers

Dear normal people, I’m writing to you from the pool. I just wanted to clear up some points. 10- This is backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle. 9- I do not “play” a sport. I don’t go chasing after a ball, lift heavy things or use sweaty clothes. I go to Continue Reading

5 drills for swimming smooth freestyle technique. Legs sink solution

These 5 exercises will keep your legs from sinking in freestyle and help you swim faster and smoother! 1- The first exercise is butterfly kick. you might not think this is good for your freestyle but the reason why your legs sink is because your hips are sinking. so you Continue Reading

3 Main things that will make you swim faster.

The Los Angeles olympics 1932 Japanese swimmers re-wrote the record book By speeding up their tempo of their arms and legs In a revolutionary style that rock the swimming world. I have always been amazed by Japanese swimmers. They are not the strongest or the tallest, yet they always seem Continue Reading

Swimming Tutorial. Breathing. Part 2. How to improve your Freestyle Technique. Head position

The best way to learn new skills is to focus on one thing and practice it frequently. The next time you swim it is a good idea to focus on your shoulders and head position as explained on these 4 points. Your eyes should be pointing between the surface and Continue Reading

Swimming faster freestyle! Sprint drills/exercises to improve your speed!

Freestyle sprint drills If you want to swim faster freestyle here are some exercises that will help you improve your velocity in short freestyle events. The first is fist sprints. Just like fast freestyle but swim with a close fist. You will feel like you are not pulling water, and Continue Reading

Top 20 tips for swimming. Part 2.

Top 20 tips for swimming improvement. Part 2. 10- Stretch When you stretch you reduce the risk of injury by improving your flexibility and range of motion. With a better range of motion your stroke improves and you can swim faster with less energy. 9- Practice in the mirror. If Continue Reading

SwImming skills. 6 Hacks for a long successful swim career. How to swim faster.

Over 20 years of experience in the swimming world has taught me that there are 6 main skills for a long successful swimming career. 1- Adaptability  Water is not the natural habitat for humans, so for swimmers, the more time you spend in the water, the better you will feel Continue Reading

Improve your breaststroke swimming technique with a good break out

To talk about the breaststroke break out we need to talk about the angles of the breaststroke pull out. In an earlier video we talked about the pull out and how it consists of three parts. The dolphin kick, the arms pull and the breaststroke kick. The goal in the Continue Reading