Snowboard School with Sven Thorgren | Gillette World Sport

It’s back to school as we’re in Sweden to look at the academy that produces some of the world’s elite snowboarders. The school is very important for the development of the young riders in Sweden. Because it’s the best and pretty much the only place where you can get time Continue Reading

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Crossover Exercise

So let’s start some curve while taking some crossover steps. Several mistake that people cannot turn their shoulders into the circle and try to crossover like that. So this exercise is to avoid that. You have to hold your waist with one leg and that will force you to turn Continue Reading

Ice Hockey Skating Basics : Ice Skating Backwards

Now we will learn the crossover backwards, step by step. So we can start by, by skating backwards. Simple, like that. Take little steps. If you can glide, already. You can try to wave at the same time. So now you can try to transfer your weight from one leg Continue Reading

Ice Skating + Math = Gold Medals?

The men at this level of competition worldwide competition are expected to be able to do quads in some of the jumps and the women are expected to do triples uh… the american skaters have had some difficulty learning a lot of these so uh… we thought we’d take a Continue Reading

Inline skating – english vocabulary

We will teach you the inline skating vocab. Hi. This is MonkeyEnglish. My name is Lukas. Hi. My name is Lukas as well. And we are teachers. MonkeyEnglish is useful and simple. I am putting the skates on. You must lace your skates. I have some tips and tricks, that Continue Reading