HALTI XPD 2 Hiking Tent Review – Camping in New Zealand

HIKING TENT HALTI XPD 2 On our world trip our home comes with us wherever we hike to. It’s like a seashell on a hermit crabs back. Which allows us to sleep wherever we desire. From our assembled two-room apartments terrace we have seen some of the finest New Zealand Continue Reading

Zempire Mono Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Hey folks, I’ve got the Zempire Mono one-person, lightweight, single-pole Hiking Tent behind me and I’m gonna show you how to set it up and pack it away today. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Hey folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today down at the Brown Hill Creek Caravan Continue Reading

Vango Nevis 200 2P Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

– This is the Nevis 200 from Vango. It sets up a little bit differently from other tents. Let’s show you how to do it. (hip-hop music) Good day, Michael from Snowys here. I’m here in Brownhill Creek in the Adelaide hills which is 15 minutes from the city and Continue Reading

Hiking Smart: Packing for the West Coast Trail

To better help you be prepared for hiking the West Coast Trail, we’ve put a list together of things you need to bring. Starting with your pack, you’re going to want a pack that’s made of sturdy construction and good materials. You’re going to want a well-padded shoulder strap and Continue Reading

Zempire Zeus Hiking Tent Features & Specifications Review

– Hi everyone, I’m Shannon from the Ferntree Gully store, and today I’m going to be talking you through the Zempire Zeus hiking tent. The Zues hiking tent is suited for two people, and is a great tent if you’re just starting out with your hiking, or are simply looking Continue Reading

Appalachian Trail – WHY WE HIKE (original version)

Today’s December 20th 2009 and I just spent the last two hours shoveling out my driveway and the sidewalk and while I was doing that I was thinking about hiking and all the great people I met while hiking the Appalachian Trail and seems kinda silly, I know, but today Continue Reading

Shimla Vlog #3 Horse riding karte huye horses ki huyi fight 😱😱 |

Now we are heading to Jaakhu temple We have walked 3 kms so tired Drinking red bull. Now filled with energy Dangerous driving See this tank Air is so fresh. Awesome beauty Cycle has been broken while riding Jungle me mangal No residents. Green belt Bonfire See our tent Spiders Continue Reading

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