Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet Testimonial

Hi, I’m Jessica from Marketing, and today I’m reviewing the Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet. The most important part of wearing a helmet is to remain safe, and all Charles Owen helmets meet ASTM/SEI safety certification. About 6 months ago, I really put those safety features to the test. I had Continue Reading

I Am A Scientologist: Sophie, Horseback Rider

My name is Sophie. I’m a competitive show jumper. I do a different amount of shows every month all throughout the year and come here and practice every day. There’s nerves and pressure and it’s a 2,000-pound animal you’re riding and they have a mind of their own and some Continue Reading

ColiCare Testimonial – Donna and Superman | ColiCare now with $10,000 colic surgery reimbursement

I’m Donna Ryan, I board here at Stargazer Hill Farms. Superman has been my horse for about six months now. He’s a 14-year old warmblood gelding who was a former show horse. And he’s now retired to be my pleasure horse. We do a little bit of everything. We do Continue Reading