How to begin cross-country skiing | Step-by-step descriptions for beginners

There must be something more to life than just playing computer games. I am going to go skiing, OK. These are like ordinary skis. You need special tracks in the snow, to use these skis. Fantastic. These skis… you can use them in the snow. You do not need special Continue Reading


everything that you’ve seen just one more and there’s more stickers and there’s more stickers and there’s one cap which is mind you don’t want to see Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict I am back in South Africa after 10 days in Brazil Continue Reading


hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater and today we’re going to do a slightly different video today I’m going to test on a new type of bearings I’ll say I wonder why this is so popular I don’t know how this is helping me become less stressed Continue Reading

Noble Outfitters™ Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Glove Review

CORA: Hi, I’m Cora, and I work in IT, and today I’ll be reviewing the Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Glove. What I really love about these gloves is how the lightweight breathable material really keeps my hands cool while riding. I also love how durable these gloves are. Continue Reading

Piper Breeches by SmartPak – Tan Knee Patch Review

SARAH: Hi. I’m Sarah from Marketing and today I’m reviewing the Piper Breeches by SmartPak in the Tan Knee Patch style. What do I love about these breeches? Man, where do I start? They have the great super comfy fit that Pipers have and they’re still so flattering. It’s not Continue Reading

Harwich Soft Leather Half Chap Review

EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily from Marketing, and today, I’m reviewing the Harwich Soft Leather Half Chap. What I love most about these half chaps is how soft the leather is. As soon as you take these out of the package, you’re going to feel it and notice it, and they Continue Reading

Eliza Leather Half Chap by SmartPak Review

KAYLEIGH: Hi, I’m Kayleigh from Merchandising and today I will be reviewing the Eliza Leather Half Chap by SmartPak. I love these half chaps because they fit awesome and are buttery soft right out of the bag. We here at SmartPak have really taken the time to perfect the fit Continue Reading

Ariat® Heritage Breeze Washable Zip Paddock Boot Review

DANIELLE: Hi, I’m Danielle from Marketing, and today I’ll be reviewing the Ariat Heritage Breeze Washable Zip Paddock Boot. What originally drew me to these boots was the sleek and simple design. I also really love that they’re made of high-quality, soft grain leather, which meant no break-in time. I Continue Reading