Fast Swimming Techniques – Freestyle Flip Turn – The Flip

On the flip turn itself, we usually see three different problems. The first problem is it. The swimmer doesn’t tuck the knees and the legs tight enough to the chest, so they make a big ball. And the big ball takes too long to get over the top. If you Continue Reading

My Not-So-First-Time Ice Skating! | Vlogmas (but not really)

Hey everyone! I don’t know if you can hear me But, we found some shelter We came into this cafe place and they have heated lamps So, we’ve warmed up now I was freezing before I couldn’t move my body or my hands and stuff and my friend lent me Continue Reading

☼ Skiing 2010 in Tauplitz | Ein Wintermärchen

It snowed many days in a lovely country In the middle of the bitterly cold winter 12 friends went to the mountains for skiing Daily they enjoyed the slopes, because only there they found the perfect feeling of happiness Together they spent a wonderful time They had only the skiing Continue Reading

Science of the Winter Olympics – Snowboarding

♪music♪ LESTER HOLT, Anchor: The stakes are high for the snowboarders in Vancouver, as they try to master new tricks to unseat the star of Torino, American Shaun White. But to get “max air” off the half-pipe without losing their balance, they might want to check out this experiment that Continue Reading

Teaching Children To Snowboard: Part 3

This snowboard video will give you tips on teaching kids to snowboard I’ve been talking to my brother about taking his kids out snowboarding, but they live in Phoenix, Arizona We finally got the chance with the great early conditions this Thanksgiving to go up onto the slopes My boys Continue Reading

Homework Hotline Move to Include: Special Olympics Figure Skating

(Music) (Jeanne Epping) I’m a coach for Special Olympics Silver Blades, which is a figure skating club out of Rochester, New York. We skate out of Lakeshore Hockey Arena. I’m one of the coaches. We have a few coaches and our club promotes skating for people with disabilities. We have Continue Reading

Snowboard Boy Seçimi Nasıl Yapılmalı ? I SPXTV

Hello Our topic is, how to choose a snowboard length. A major mistake people make here is, choosing it’s length according to your own height. Actually it is completely wrong to do so. This wrong technique is formulated by snowboard rental places to keep the circulation going and to rent Continue Reading

ICE SKATING History in SM GenSan: Cool Summer!

This is the SM Ice Skating Rink for Summer! Cue in Vlog Intro: Pop Music (Stay) Yes, it’s literally ice. – Gensan already has Ice Skating here. I thought I heard “Ice Candy” “They have *ice candy* here.” Then my camera suddenly slips. Thankyou! We’ll be inviting Gensan Youtubers. Everyone Continue Reading

Episode 33 – Figure Skating and Pop Culture

Maryam: You’re In The Loop – we’re here to discuss the ups, downs and sideways of the sport of figure skating, and maybe give you +5 GOE along the way. Let’s introduce this week’s hosts. Yogeeta: Hi, I’m Yogeeta and I can’t wait for competition season to begin. My Twitter Continue Reading

Fresh Meat front to back Transitions for Roller Derby

We are going to now teach them to close open close and this is my introduction into going from forward to backward and then a little bit of backwards to forward and side skating. So you are going to have them turn sideways on the track, you’re going to have Continue Reading