Jackson & Jooheon, Celeb Bros S5 EP4 “Jackson&JH’s night hiking”

I just thought about a new place How about Engbong Mountain? Seoul’s best 3 night watch place [Jooheon wanted to show the view] -Is this it? -Yes, the view is like this If the view is different once I go up there -You’re gonna take the responsibility? -Of course -Where Continue Reading


*Wapoosh* Lets get roight into the news my name is jackspedicey 2 and welcome back to getting over it with bennett foddy i decided to play on low grapics setting This is the low graphics mode the… the mode is called Sexy hiking I thought it might make me a Continue Reading

Toy Master’s Escape Room Challenge

– [Narrator] Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat music) (phone rings) – Who could be calling so early on a Saturday morning? (phone rings) – Oh, this better be good. Coming, coming. Hello? – Hello? – [Toy Master] Good morning. This is the Toy Master. I’m a little bored so we’re gonna Continue Reading

Jess’s Review-Blizzard Sheeva 9 Skis 2019-Skis.com

Hi my name is Jess I just got done riding the Blizzard Sheeva 9. This is an advanced to expert level ski. What I love about this ski is this full side wall it’s got, really shows in the turns. It grips just about everything and anything, and it’s really Continue Reading

My Inline Skating Setup (2017)

hey guys it’s me Tiago the french Inline skater I often get asked about my inline skating setup so here is a video about it I consider myself as a freestyle skier and I use case I have been built for this task so let’s talk about my main scale Continue Reading

[Eng] 눈 오는날 롤러스케이트 타기 Rollerskating with snow! [Hyojoo’s Life]

I am on my way to Banpo spot to roller skate instead of longboard. It’s too cold But I know it will be colder, so I am trying to roller skate as many as possible before it’s too cold It’s cold!! Oh, I think that I can spin better at Continue Reading

Never Hike Alone – A Friday the 13th Fan Film (Full Movie)

Check, check one, two. Hey everyone, Kyle McLeod here checking in on another glorious backcountry adventure. This week we’re gonna be venturing through the Wessex County National Forest – – is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the Catskills. Now we’re gonna make about a – – Continue Reading

Johnny Weir is Figure Skating’s Force of Nature | Fashion Behind the Games

How you doing, everybody? – These are the 2000s. – Right now. More specifically, 2010. The Chinese horoscope says it’s the Year Of The Tiger. Yeah, sounds good. The Earth Hour is celebrated in more than 4,000 cities in 125 countries around the globe to raise awareness about climate change. Continue Reading

Freestyle Ice Skating: 540 Kick Tutorial

Hey guys. Time has come for a 540 kick tutorial. I’ll show how to learn it on ground, the key points, some variations around the key parts, then on ice. So that’s the trick from the intro scene. Yes! And it is a bit advanced, it is advised that you Continue Reading