Most Beautiful Beach in Cuba? (Trinidad)

Why don’t you show everybody how that door opens. Go ahead. Do that again. You got it, you got it. What’s going on folks. Jon episode three from Trinidad, Cuba. And today we’re going to check out the beach for the first time. Vamos a la playa. And we just Continue Reading

“The Vision in Iceland” – HESTA SPORT

May I share something with you? A vision I had in my sleep last night as distinguished from a dream, which is mere sorting and cataloging of the day’s events by the subconscious. This vision, fresh and clear as a mountain stream The mind revealing itself to itself. In my Continue Reading

How to Pick a Pair of Cowboy Boots : Shining Leather Cowboy Boots

Hi. I am Dustin here on behalf of Expert Village here at A.A Callisters and today we’re gonna polish this black boot here. Now polishing is really simple and there’s not a lot to it and what we do is we need to get something like this. Now this is Continue Reading

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Mobike ride | Wow Kidz

Motu patlu, I have to jump over 100 cars with this bike and create a world record. Shine this bike so well, that public would be amazed on seeing it. Ok sir. This bike costs Rs Five crores if anything happens to it, you both will have to pay the Continue Reading

Pakistan The Galiyat! Dunga and Nathia Galis

[Heart beating] [Panting] [Snow leaopard roaring!] While I’m trekking here You’re sitting, comfortably, wherever you are On you’re mobiles! Watching this, huh? Come, get yourself over here Experience for yourself Nothing like [Heart beating] [Panting] The blood pumping through your veins Here it’s probably 18 degrees (celsius) And the views! Continue Reading

Bloodborne Cut Content ►AMAZING CUT BOSSES AND NPCs! (Part 2)

Hello everyone this is SanadSK and today I am back with part 2 of the unused enemies and bosses series in Bloodborne. So the first part was recieved very well by everyone and that encouraged me to work even harder to try and show you the unused content in the Continue Reading

How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Attach & Adjust the Standard Martingale

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village. Today I would be talking about how to tack up a horse. Next we are going to demonstrate how to attach and adjust the standard martingale. We are going to start by slipping this over the horses head. You want this to Continue Reading

The Milton Hershey School Horse on Hersheypark’s Carousel

We’re in Hersheypark. There are horses that ride on a carousel. Well, I know what they look like. It has alot of jewelry on it. The Spartan logo is right here. And this means it was resembled from a Spartan who rode on it. Yes this was the first horse Continue Reading

The Bachelor 2017 Fantasy League Breakdown | Episode 3 Recap | Babble

Hi everyone, and welcome to another week of Bachelor Fantasy Breakdown. I’m your host, Megan, one of the Babble editors. And I’m Alex from Oh My Disney. How’d you do in Fantasy this week? Terribly. Absolutely terrible. I’m not even mad about it though because we got to see The Continue Reading