Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing Recipe – Danny Seo

I love ranch dressing, but what I don’t love is all the fat and calories that go into this. So, I want to show you my homemade yogurt ranch dressing. Lower in calories, lower in fat, 100% delicious. Now to make this I need a tablespoon of dried parsley, and Continue Reading

Volkswagen Polo (2001-2009) buying advice

A fun fact about this generation Polo: this was the first one available as BlueMotion. Not just Polo BlueMotion, but Volkswagen as a whole. This set the tone. It’s more economical, which you know by heart by now. This is the 5th generation Polo. Volkswagen isn’t very clear with counting. Continue Reading

Solo Hiking the Kungsleden in Swedish Lapland

August 2018 A movie by Floor Denil (That’s me) I’ve been waiting for 6 hours to catch my next flight Welcome! Alright guys Can you see it? I’m going to start! Let’s go! Day 1 – 0 km done – 440 km to go Check this out! How amazing is Continue Reading

Wendy X Seulgi’s first paragliding Experience! [Battle Trip/2018.08.26]

Paragliding. Can you do that? I’m thinking whether I should add it to the list or not. But there… Korea and Europe have different sceneries. So I think it’ll be fun. – This seems like a must-try in Salzburg. / – Really? Then how about we try it? Let’s just Continue Reading


Oh my god… it smells so bad. This might be the grossest bathroom… I’ve been in… In my entire life. *coughing* Hey! Hey! Look at you, cute little mountain dog aren’t you cold? God… Talk to me how do you feel? Freezing! I cannot feel my mouth, or my Fingertips Continue Reading

Hiking to Elephant Mountain | Xiangshan | 象山 | Travel Vlog | Kolang Kaling

Hii.. hello everyone… we meet again in our channel Kolang Kaling now we are at Xiang Shan MRT station (Elephant Mountain MRT Exit 2) and we are going to.. up up? Xiang Shan (Elephant Mountain) how long it would be? about 20~30 minutes that’s for someone fit for me who Continue Reading

Eric Jackson’s “Alignment” – Full Movie

Yes And Alignment How do you find it, how do you get to that point where everything seems to work together and you’re at your best Easier said than done, right? Snowboarding and fishing for steelhead are hands down my two favorite things to do They bring me so much Continue Reading