Hiking in the Dolomites, Italy – Thru-hike Europe LOG#17

Hello Ah! You scared me!! Hello everyone and welcome for this seventeenth logbook! Time runs. It’s been almost nine months that we are on the trail. We’re now talking to you from the South Tyrol in Italy, exploring the Dolomites and wow we can tell you for sure that this Continue Reading

HIKING IN CROATIA – Discovering the Dinaric Alps

Hiking in Albania with the family – Thru-hike Europe LOG#24

Hi and welcome to this new logbook! We are in Macedonia, we’re about to say goodbye to our last guest, Noé but, let’s rewind, we have plenty to tell you! When Morgane left us next to the Shkoder Lake, we immediately welcomed my family. I mean my brother Noé, whom Continue Reading

Stunning Dolomites – Thru-hike Europe LOG#18

Hello everyone! We are super excited for this logbook number 18! This logbook is a bit special, It is the last one of Italy and the one marking the end of our crossing of the Alps. Last time we left you near the Lagazuoi tunnels. Those mountains are really famous, Continue Reading

HIKING IN MONTENEGRO – From the highlands to the deep canyons

Le Monténégro n’est pas un grand pays Mais il attire de plus en plus de gens Ces terres sont élevées Mais elles sont habitées L’hospitalité dans les gènes Nous sommes entrés dans ce pays par le plus grand canyon d’Europe La gorge de Tara est sauvage et abrupte Ses trésors Continue Reading

HIKING IN SPAIN – 1,500 km to discover Spain

HIKING IN PORTUGAL – 750 km in a wild and generous country

Le Portugal a été le premier pays de la traversée de l’Europe du sud par Deux Pas Vers l’Autre 750km à travers 3 régions Pendant 45 jours, nous avons pris le rythme de ce pays Nous avons commencé en Algarve par les sentiers de la Rota Vicentina Des rencontres inoubliables Continue Reading


“It’s this way!”

Hiking from Albania to Macedonia through Kosovo – Thru-hike Europe LOG#25

“Dy hapa drejt tjetrët” (Two Steps Towards Others in Albanian) So great to have the family with us! Conditions that take us so far away from our usual comfort conditions and especially this small hierarchy that there are in families we move away from all that, we get in the Continue Reading