Basically we missed our last lift Because we didn’t know which one to take. Actually Annika said something about going on the one with the seats but we didn’t see them riding it. And then I thought we should take the one that should take us closer to home. So Continue Reading

Appu and Little Red Riding Hood (4K)

So, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother sent her off into the woods with the picnic basket to Grandmother’s house. I like this story, especially the picnic basket. I don’t know, I’d be nervous going into the woods alone. It’d be much better if Red had an elephant to go with Continue Reading

Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

ALOHA KE AKUA Ének: Nahko Bear Zongora: Medicine for the People Add kölcsön füled és add kölcsön kezed, add kölcsön mozdulatod, amit csak tudsz. Jöjj tanítani és jöjj tanulni, Jöjj Isten képére és hasonlatosságára, Mert képes vagy rá Teljes alázattal és tisztelettel. Oly sok erőt kaptam, mégis nehéz szeretnem ellenségeimet, Continue Reading

Most 19 Dangerous Animals In the World Number One Will SHOCK YOU!!

#19 leopard: A ferocious leopard may have killed 15 people in india evrey year and caused 6,603 animal deaths since 2010. its latest victim a 4-year-old boy that the creature dragged away into the jungle to eat. The head of boy was found in the forest a kilometer from his Continue Reading