GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Self Document Your Snowboarding with Dan Brisse (Ep 15)

Hey what’s up? I’m Dan Brisse. I’m a GoPro Athlete and professional snowboarder. I like to use the Jaws: Flex Clamp and the Gooseneck when I’m filming in the streets or in the park. It’s really awesome, you can pretty much put it wherever you need to with the clamp Continue Reading

How to 50 50 a Rail on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Welcome to Snowboardprocamp This is Kevin and I’m a snowboard coach in Whistler, BC Here are some tips to help you 50/50 a down rail There are a few tricks you want to have mastered before attempting a down rail: 50/50 s on a down box Box a gap to Continue Reading

Water Skiing Tips for Getting Up on the Water

Hey guys, how many of you have ever tried waterskiing, but found it challenging to get up on the skis? Well if that’s the case, you’re luck. Cuz that’s exactly what we’re gonna cover next on this week’s bonus session of Manly Moments. Let ‘er rip! Whoa! (splash) Well if Continue Reading

How to Set a Skin Track for Backcountry Skiing: The Fundamentals

– [Rob Hess] The art of setting a skin track is just that, an art. And when I set a skin track I’m thinking about a few things right off the bat. First would be safety, efficiency, and comfort. Those are my directives when I decide how I want to Continue Reading

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Snowboarding with the New Frame with Nate Holland (Ep 14)

Hey, what’s happening? I’m Nate Holland, GoPro Athlete and snowboarder. Today I’m going to show you some of my GoPro Tips and Tricks, specifically the new Frame Mount and some of the different modes I like to shoot in. As a competitive athlete, I’m always looking for the sleekest, most Continue Reading

How to Swim Faster Freestyle Instantly: 3 Mistakes Beginner Swimmers & Triathletes Make

If you’re either a beginner triathlete, or you’ve been swimming for a while and you’re just looking to get a little bit faster, stick around and I’ll tell you the three most common mistakes that new swimmers make. Ok, the first most common mistake, and even experienced swimmers are guilty Continue Reading

Snowboard Tips – How to Spin on a Box – Steamboat Pro Scott Anfang

This is Scott Anfang here with Steamboat Snowboard School and AASI National Snowboard Team What we’re going to work on now is learning how to do a flat spin on a box. So, the way we’re gonna do this flat spin We’re going to take in the A-T-M-L again. Approach, Continue Reading

Keystone Ski Resort Snowboarding Exercises | 10 Snowboard Warm Ups & Stretches

(wind rustling) (snow cracking) – What’s up? I’m over here at the Keystone Lodge & Spa in Keystone, Colorado. Whether or not you’re here or at home, I’ve got the 10 most beneficial snowboard warmup stretches and mobility drills that you should be doing right now before you go out Continue Reading


Good morning everybody. We are in Quebec and we’re about to go snowboarding at Le Massif in Charlevoix It’s the last day of our 6 part vlog series and what better day to finish it than by shredding powder. It’s been snowing all night. We love snowboarding, and it’s going Continue Reading

Preventing Ski and Snowboard Injuries – Tips from a Doctor to Stay Safe on the Slopes

(upbeat guitar music) – When you’re up here on the mountain it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that you’re on a vacation, but it is still a sport, so you should treat it the same way you would treat basketball or running. – This is a big Continue Reading