Breathtaking Mountain Climb at Mt. Nokogiri! | Hiking Spots near Tokyo

Good morning guys! We’re on a road trip today, we’re heading to Nokogiriyama Nokogiri Mountain. When I asked my sister where she wanted to visit in Japan this is one place that she found online I’ve never been there before, but we looked it up and it looks pretty neat! Continue Reading

ice skating & making butter in japan! // ไอซ์สเก็ต & ทำเนยที่ญี่ปุ่น!

is it suppose to go all the way up? yep Finished ice skating, so i’ll be putting away my shoes now and after that i’ll show you guys around people are staring at me strange lol This video might be a bit blurry, because I am filming with my phone Continue Reading

World’s Best School Lunch ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Japanese School Lunch Experience Created and Produced by John Daub Japanese schools have a reputation for serving up some of the world’s best lunches. Japan has a very low child obesity rate which made me wonder what kids are actually eating here. Non-students can’t eat at a Japanese elementary school Continue Reading