Taipei Hiking Travel | Hiking ke Gunung Gajah | Elephant mountain | Vlog 1

Hi guys.. Where you are I wish you are in a good condition, it’s Sunday and today I have no activity, so I decided to go to hiking to the elephant mount Now is the midsummer so the weather very hot Now I walking towards to the station of MRT, Continue Reading

Dog Life – Powder Skiing in Japan | VAUDE

“Hey, my name is Woodley.” “I know that’s an unusual name for a dog,” “but I kinda special.” “I was born here nine years ago, and I never left that goddamn freezing place.” “So I’ve got this question: what makes people come here?” “This place is so buried,” “tons of Continue Reading

Hiking Mt. Bukhansan in Seoul, South Korea

Hi, this is Lara from En Route Traveler and I’m here with my friend Jeanette today. -Hi! We’re going to go hiking Mt. Bukhansan in Seoul. Did I say that right? – Yes. Mount Bukhansan in a granite mountain that’s a popular and challenging day hike. Located in northern Seoul, Continue Reading


How are you, people ? I’d like to have a badass intro… But it’s 7.00 am and … … my brain is cloudy. So we’ll do with this intro… Hi everyone ! Welcome to this new vlog Right, today the weather is pretty bad. I think it will rain very Continue Reading

Adley Skate Routine! Ultimate 3 year old skateboarder!! (new backyard skatepark)

HIKING – Incheon South Korea

I miss South Korea. Currently I’m living in Canada and the scenery well it’s a little different. So today I’m going to show you my favourite hiking path in my hometown Songdo, Incheon. The hiking path is called beyond Yeonsu Dulle-Gil. I hope I got that pronunciation right. It’s about Continue Reading

Adley learns to Skate – what we do in our backyard! (and play picnic with mom)

Iceland: Golden Circle, Gullfoss + Geysir VLOG

hey guys welcome back is week 5 which means it’s the second month of being in Iceland and the first month I decided call moving to Iceland and I am transitioning into living in Iceland this week we had our first visitors Chris and Ann over from Scotland was brilliant Continue Reading

Mushkpuri Top Skiing Fun and Fall

Mushkpuri Top Skiing Fun and Fall

Grand Canyon Hiking and other ways to get to the bottom of the Canyon

Welcome to Part 9 of’s “10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and the Questions You SHOULD Be Asking…” …about planning a Grand Canyon vacation. Last week, we talked about the infinite possibilities there are for a week-long vacation… …in the American Southwest. Today we’re going to discuss hiking in the Continue Reading