Ghost Riders Spread Leave No Trace Message in Wilderness

This program has been brought to you by Whole Health Family Medicine Clinic, your locally owned, direct, primary care clinic. You’re watching Durango TV news, I’m Wendy Graham Settle. What’s the number one complaint that backpackers have about heading into the wilderness? According to retired San Juan National Forest Ranger, Continue Reading

Mongolia Horseback Adventure Tours – Kim’s Comments on Stone Horse Travel in Mongolia

Hi, my name is Kim Kraupp from Boulder, Colorado, Physical Therapist. I just came out to Mongolia for a couple of weeks to join Keith and Sabine on their horse trek, – its been absolutely amazing. The horses are great, I was a little concerned at first since I haven’t Continue Reading

What’s in my saddle bag? – SmartPaker Celli

Hi. I’m Celli from Customer Care here at SmartPak, and today we’re going to talk about what’s in my saddle bag. And we’re going to talk about a lot of stuff in the saddle bag, but please click on the links so that you can learn more about them. So Continue Reading

Ask a Non-Rider: Cross country commentary

SARAH: Based on this preview screen we got coming up, what do you think we’re in for in this one? JESSE: Oh. SARAH: Talk to me about that “oh.” JUAN: This is the ones that require that special vest on this one, cause it’s much more brutal. MARY: I’d say Continue Reading

Off-Piste Adventures: Horses and Reindeers in Lapland

Please tell who you are and what company you represent? Hi, my name is Mia Lappalainen and my company’s name is Off-Piste Adventures. Could you please tell something about your company? Well, we have horse and reindeer related activities. We offer horse riding all year round and the reindeer pull Continue Reading

Being Aware of Shadows and Bright Spots in Water for Horses

Well, that’s looking pretty good. Nice little project that we worked on over the weekend and came along well. Hoping for some good results when it starts to rain, pretty hot days here in B.C. no rain, so we actually don’t even need this drainage but it’s going to come Continue Reading

#ROOTD – SmartPaker Emily

Hi, I’m Emily from Accounting, and this is my riding outfit of the day. My riding outfit starts with the Ariat Denim Knee Patch Breeches. These are my favorite because they look better than any of the other jeans in my closet, but they’re strong enough for the barn. Holding Continue Reading

Calming Down a Hot Horse

now this does not will be a little fun stagnant because discourses i’ve gotten a shag bit he’s deliberately got a little hot he’s got a little camps and i’m going to show you what happens at these horses allegedly said mister gephardt they get their hit up and they Continue Reading