Hiking England: Pennine Way – Part 1, Edale to Snake Pass

This is the Old Nags Head pub It’s the southern terminus, or the start of the Pennine Way The Pennine Way is a hiking trail that runs along the Pennines A series of hills in England, all the way to Scotland It’s 267 miles long and it was established in Continue Reading

2017 Continental Divide Trail Thru Hike

It’s late. I’m searching for my other home, and I’m taking a path I don’t know: a little path that runs alongside the factories and the city intersecting through the forest. I’m just starting to get a glimpse of nature, when all of a sudden, night falls. I’m immersed in Continue Reading

5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

Hey y’all! Dixie here. Today I wanna talk to you about five common mistakes that beginning backpackers often make. Now, I’m not knocking the beginners, but, any professional just wasn’t born a professional. I mean, Michael Jordan didn’t pop out of the womb, start taking his first steps while perfectly Continue Reading

Appalachian Trail – WHY WE HIKE (original version)

Today’s December 20th 2009 and I just spent the last two hours shoveling out my driveway and the sidewalk and while I was doing that I was thinking about hiking and all the great people I met while hiking the Appalachian Trail and seems kinda silly, I know, but today Continue Reading

Climbing Mt St Helens: Hiking up to the crater rim

Northwest Sisu Outdoors presents Climbing Mt St Helens The hike up to the crater rim The trail-head is located at the Climbers Bivouac parking lot at an elevation of about 3800′ The trail goes about 2 miles through the forest, to the timber line Once out of the woods, there Continue Reading

Hiking the Pyrenees – Inside the Volcano of La Garrotxa

hey everybody this is really cool we’re in the Pyrenees of Catalunya, and we are standing inside a volcano right now. It’s the Croscat volcanoe here in la Garrotxa. What a beautiful area here. Obviously, the soil super-rich it’s super green, definitely a place to come. And it’s very unique Continue Reading

TRIBAL Hike in Taroko into the Mountains | 12 Days in Taiwan EP4

(upbeat music) – [Will] Previously. – Hope later, have good way. – They thought I was pro. It’s starting to grow – Mm, so crispy! (screaming) – [Will] So much passion! Can I have the rest of this? In December, we had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan with my Continue Reading

Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 2 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] consume much alcohol [INAUDIBLE]. ANTWUAN DIXON: Got a little cutie, huh? NEEN WILLIAMS: God damn. ANTWUAN DIXON: Fuck [INAUDIBLE] my niggers, but you won’t talk about [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE]. NEEN WILLIAMS: That girl was good. ANTWUAN DIXON: Yeah, she was cute, huh? Happy birthday Herno. Happy birthday Continue Reading

EXTREME Cactus Attack!

– [Camera man] Go go go go go! – Yes, yes yes stay here, stay here. – [Mark] Dude, just saw a tarantula hawk, did you see it? – I didn’t see it, no. – [Mark] Oh my gosh, I hope he gets it. Careful! (adventurous music) He’s gonna get Continue Reading

Sea Creature Adventure!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. This is Julia and this is Naia. And today we’re exploring in their backyard, looking for sea creatures. Anything? Should I put my hand in there? – Yeah. – Ooh, what if something bites me? (adventurous music) (upbeat tropical music) On this episode of Coyote’s Backyard, Continue Reading