Basic Rope Work With Horses // Versatile Horsemanship

no with our free we want to teach our verses to lead by a foot okay so now at first a lot of them when they feel that growth on their foot they want to turn away anywhere but and that’s going to be something that I have you guys Continue Reading

Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : How to Pad & Saddle a Rodeo Horse

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann and today on behalf of Expert Village we’re going to talk about the equipment involved with barrel racing. We’re going to start out with the pad. The pad that I happen to use is a Saddle Right pad, but there are many good pads on the Continue Reading

William Whitaker on the #HorseHour Podcast

hey welcome to the horsehour podcast I’m Amy Stevenson my guest today is the lovely William Whitaker, he’s an international show jumper member of Team Great Britain but you’ll know the Whitaker name because his uncles have been show jumping for years, they are British show jumping heritage. There’s so Continue Reading

Breaking a 12yo riding horse to harness – Bertie the piebald cob.

Bertie is a 12 year old riding cob. His owner wanted him broken to drive as she could no longer ride him. This video shows what he achieved get time with us. Although we do not believe that two wheelers are better for newly-trained horses seeing as a horse can Continue Reading

Riding a shire – confidence building under saddle with a heavy horse.

Roxy is a 5 1/2yo shire mare that came to us for reschooling after she bolted with a chain harrow with her owners. We were asked by her owners to break her to ride while she was with us for retraining and this is her first time under saddle. You Continue Reading

We Train Like Link From Legend Of Zelda

(gasps) – [Ned] Where are you going? (intense music) – I hate this. – Boy, do I feel refreshed. – [Kelsey] Watch out, gunslingers, Link’s in town. – I love playing video games because it feels like you’re doing something exciting. But what if we actually did something exciting. – Continue Reading

Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Doing a Rollback in Rodeo Barrel Racing

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann on behalf of Expert Village and Bailey and I are going to show you what constitutes a rollback. And since we are not reiners, we’re not going to do a proper rollback, but what we are going to do is teach this horse how to slow Continue Reading

How to Train Your Horse to Lunge on a Line : How to Stop a Horse on a Line

Hi! I’m Kelli and this is Colby on behalf of Expert Village. I am going to show you my opinions and techniques on how to lunge your horse. Teaching your horse to stop on a lunge line is a really important skill that they should learn. So when you want Continue Reading

Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Tips on Horse Barrel Racing Attire

Hi, I?m Holly Heidemann and on behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to talk today about barrel racing attire – what is normally worn in the arena and the first thing I?m going to start with is the difference between a dress code race and a non-dress code race. When Continue Reading