How To Stale, Cuban & Christ Grab On Skis

You got your basic grabs, it’s time to tweak them and add some of your own style! Grabs that are tucked up are easier for flipping and grabs that are stretched out are easier for spinning. A Tail Grab that you grab the very tip on is known as a Continue Reading

Snowboard School with Sven Thorgren | Gillette World Sport

It’s back to school as we’re in Sweden to look at the academy that produces some of the world’s elite snowboarders. The school is very important for the development of the young riders in Sweden. Because it’s the best and pretty much the only place where you can get time Continue Reading

Snowboarding Tip on Binding Angles

This is the baseplate of my board right here, and the angles are in increments of three. Here’s a little arrow right here, and I looked at it. So my front angle right here is set at 18 degrees And my back foot is it negative 12. And it really Continue Reading

How to Swim Faster Freestyle Instantly: 3 Mistakes Beginner Swimmers & Triathletes Make

If you’re either a beginner triathlete, or you’ve been swimming for a while and you’re just looking to get a little bit faster, stick around and I’ll tell you the three most common mistakes that new swimmers make. Ok, the first most common mistake, and even experienced swimmers are guilty Continue Reading

How To Snowboard Sizing Your Boots and Bindings

So when we’re buying a set up we want to make sure that The boot and the binding are compatible. They fit each other So I’ve got two different sizes of boots here, but one size of binding The boot here on my right is a bit smaller now I Continue Reading

Online Snowboard Lesson: Dolphin Turns

Dolphin turns Now dolphin turns our called dolphin turns because it looks like a dolphin Jumping through the water and popping in and out and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. When we switch edges We pop from edge to edge. Making dolphin turns Will help you move fore Continue Reading

Snowboard Padding Equipment Flex & Extension Pros & Cons

Now when I go out and try new tricks I want to have the Safety Gear to help prevent injury if I do crash There’s a downfall to having this safety equipment though. It’s your flexion extension, that is lacking a little bit more so if I were to be Continue Reading

Part 1 – How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

Perpetual Motion Freestyle, Perpetual Motion Freestyle is a style or freestyle that’s design for swimming distances without getting tired. It’s not designed for when the Coach at master say ten twenty fives hard ready go, and you want to win the twenty fives. It’s not going to win you the Continue Reading

Learn How To Snowboard & Get Up!

Getting up after a fall. Practice getting up after you’ve fallen before you go up the chairlift because once you go up the chairlift… Let’s just face it. You’re going to fall. So here are a few different tips to help you get up after you fall. So if you Continue Reading

Snowboard Euro Surfer Carves Rider Rally

Welcome to the 2018 AASI Rider Rally! We Ripped A-Basin, Colorado for a week ! The snow was great considering it was May. There was a huge turnout with certified riders from all over the world! Team riders gave a good show sharing knowledge that we’ll bring back to our Continue Reading