How To Screamin’ & Grab Variations On Skis

A Screamin’ Seman is when you cross your skis one over the other so they’re on the opposite side that they should be, then untangling them to land. Screamin’ Seman’s are one of the scariest tricks to learn because there’s potential of landing all twisted up. To do a Screamin’ Continue Reading

How To Spin To Win On Skis

Getting lost in the air happens to the best of us, especially when you get into the more difficult spin and off-axis freestyle tricks.This tutorial will show you a Spin To Win drill you can use to dial down your air awareness with the Tramp Skis. Warm up by practicing Continue Reading

Thibault Magnin Reviews The Tramp Skis

Yeah my favourite feature about the skis is definitely that you don’t, you just wear your socks like usual and so you just like put your socks on, strap the skis and you’re ready to go! Yeah those skis definitely helped my confidence about my tricks, rotations. Because like you Continue Reading

Misty Progressions On Skis

This tutorial will get you comfortable with the Misty axis by breaking down the Barrel Roll into the Misty Progression. Begin by doing a side roll on flat ground. Start with your chest down, keeping your vision on the ground. Rock off one foot and roll sideways so your back Continue Reading

How To Switch Rodeo 540 On Skis

If you’ve got Misty’s dialled, Switch Rodeo 540 is essentially the sister trick to the Misty. Though there may be similarities the two tricks feel very different. The main difference is the orientation in which the trick is set on snow. Instead of a forward rotating 540 traveling forward. Switch Continue Reading

How To Superman Frontflip On Skis

For every inverted flip, there’s a roll progression. An alternative variation of front roll takeoff would be to learn a dive roll. This allows you to take the initial steps towards learning Superman Frontflips. You can place a mat on the ground or alongside the tramp. Instead of planting your Continue Reading

How To Misty 540 On Skis

A Misty 5 is simply an off-axis 540 spin rotating forwards. Warm up Misty progressions with the skis on. Set forward first before spinning 90 degrees to your back drop, landing with your body laying sideways with the tramp. As you come off your back, roll out 90 degrees landing Continue Reading

How To Tweak Your Grabs On Skis

Style points. That’s what it’s all about! Grabbing your skis and pulling them makes for awesome style. Grabs pulled hard enough that it feels like you’re tweaking your body out are what we call tweaks. Tweaks can be done after grabbing or by doing a Shifty then a grab. Grabs Continue Reading

How To Stale, Cuban & Christ Grab On Skis

You got your basic grabs, it’s time to tweak them and add some of your own style! Grabs that are tucked up are easier for flipping and grabs that are stretched out are easier for spinning. A Tail Grab that you grab the very tip on is known as a Continue Reading

Skiing with trampoline and hula hoop

Next up 180 to backflip by Ilkka Someone cut the ground from under my feet We have a Survivor Finland challenge here The goal is to set up a rope swing up there The fastest team gets immunity for today’s dinner vote They’re getting nowhere Ilkka just created the perfect Continue Reading