We Found Hikers Paradise in La Reunion! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 109

So we’re making first-day pancakes. This is the Delos tradition, which is cool. We have real coffee. Oh, awesome. Out of the French press, not instant coffee. Look at this bacon. [SIZZLING] [INAUDIBLE] Pan of goodness. We have American pancakes we’re going to make. Ooh. And we’ll feast. And then Continue Reading

Mongolian horse racing. Part 1./ Монгольские скачки. Часть 1.

Speak Mongolian I can hardly imagine what is it going to be look like The idea of just to mount our horses and go – I’m not sure Somehow these horses look very sad….. Speak Mongolian. – Taking in consideration that they have been catching these horses in the desert Continue Reading

Brian’s Favorite Way To Start The Morning! Sailing vessel Delos Ep. 220

This is what sailing’s all about, I think. Some magic mornings like these. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] (SINGING) Onetox represents Solomon Island people see. We people styles originally from my homeland. Like my old man say, there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this message to me Continue Reading