Dog Friendly Hiking in Arkansas!

Over the past nine years I’ve circled the globe seeking out exotic adventures in over 20 countries but I never dared dream of finding myself deep in the wildernes of…. Arkansas? Before this trip Arkansas wasn’t exactly high on my list of dream travel destinations but with only three days, Continue Reading

Springtime Skiing & Surfing in California

On this week’s We Hear, we’re California dreamin’. East Coasters have mixed feelings about this year’s El Nino weather pattern. While we loved the mild winter with little snow and early spring temperatures, local ski bunnies aren’t too happy about missing all the double black diamond action up in Vermont. Continue Reading

Hiking with Husky Dogs in Finland. Cute dogs, gorgeous scenery and a very unusual way to hike…!

So we are now in Oulanka National Park and we’re about to go on the five kilometre hike with Huskies. Very excited! It’s been quite amazing so far, walking through this beautiful countryside being pulled along by the Huskies. It makes life so so much easier, and so it’s absolutely Continue Reading

The Great Wall of China: Hiking & Camping!

We are on our way to the Great Wall of China, but instead of fighting our way through hordes of tourists we’ll put on snake repellent and explore awe inspiring unrestored portions of the wall with our incredible guide Peter. The Jiankou section of the wall is one of the Continue Reading

Day Hike Through Mt Rainier National Park | Nomadic Weekenders Hiking Vlog

Rich: good morning how are you doing Park ranger: good and how are you? Lena: good morning! Rich: can we get a National Parks pass? Park ranger: yes you sure can! It’s the $80 pass for every National Park in the country Rich: and it’s for a year right? Calendar? Continue Reading


hey guys today I am with Olga, her youtube channel is called Wardrobe on Cruise, she’s filming a videos about fashion and today we are filming a video together about ice skating rinks in Milan and we are going to explore like five or four of them. The first one Continue Reading

3 Great Tips for Skiing With Kids – Visit Utah

Hi there. I’m Emily, a Utah ski ambassador. And I’m here to give you three tips to help make the most of your Utah ski vacation. Today, I’m here to talk about skiing with kids. Skiing is pretty much a way of life for families here in Utah, and parents Continue Reading

Waterfalls in the United States – Graveyard Fields, North Carolina Vlog

hello and welcome to our channel this is Jamie from Explorcation this is the second video in our North Carolina series and highlights our hike to the waterfalls at the graveyard fields and we made it to six different breweries and one coffee shop we enjoyed each of them for Continue Reading

VANCOUVER TRAVEL GUIDE Vlog | Hiking, Food, Nightlife and a Nude Beach

we’re here in Vancouver British Columbia, it is absolutely beautiful here. Vancouver is a really good place to go for nature, but the city is also really cool. there’s nightlife, there’s parks, there’s hikes, lots of beaches too. Oh look a boat! – cool! we spent four days here and Continue Reading

Sakhalin Island, Russia on $200. Seafood, Skiing and Sushi

The main thing that penal colony works did was mine for coal As you can see they’d bring the coal up to the surface on these sleds. Here you see a model of the first oil rig as you probably know today oil is a big deal on Sakhalin. But Continue Reading