Hiking to Bastille – Grenoble | A nice path with trees | Part I

So, I came back around the same place My jacket and water bottle My helmet My Quechua headscarf My cycle Yes, this is the helmet So today’s plan is I will take my cycle To go to the nearest place I have to look into the map for a parking Continue Reading

Hiking with Husky Dogs in Finland. Cute dogs, gorgeous scenery and a very unusual way to hike…!

So we are now in Oulanka National Park and we’re about to go on the five kilometre hike with Huskies. Very excited! It’s been quite amazing so far, walking through this beautiful countryside being pulled along by the Huskies. It makes life so so much easier, and so it’s absolutely Continue Reading

사량도 Hiking Saryangdo Island South Korea

Good morning! Hey, morning. So we are really excited today because we’re heading to an island called Saryangdo on the south coast of Korea. Yeah, we’re going there to do this epic ridge hike. It’s our third time going there and it gets better every time. Yeah, it’s not a Continue Reading

Hiking to Inspiration Point at Chiricahua National Monument (#7/419)

I’ve learned from the Gila Cliffs episode now. I know how to say this one. Welcome to Chiricahua National Monument! Chiricahua National Monument is located in southeastern Arizona about 30 miles southeast of Wilcox. It was established on April 18, 1924, to protect its rhyolite pinnacles, hoodoos, and balance rocks. Continue Reading

Hiking The Bowl + RV Camping | Guadalupe Mountains National Park

This morning we are bundled up because it’s cold outside. It’s 37 degrees. We will be doing the bowl hike which is over 9 miles long and 2600 ft elevation gain. They are so cute! Look how they are jumping! The bowl hike was the last trail we did on Continue Reading

Breathtaking Oceancoast Hiking | Day 4 of Camino del Norte from Irún to San Sebastián

Hello and good morning from our epic location at the oceanside! We had a beautiful night, it was very quiet, we slept really well except for the slope that it was going downhill. The night was very warm because trees protect us from wind. So it was very quiet and Continue Reading

Hiking in Meteora – Exploring Greece (Day 3)

Good morning everyone from Meteora in Greece. We are right now in Meteora look at the view we have. I’m so excited and so happy. Let me show you around. Look at the view. Meteora so popular and famous because of the Rocky Mountains and we can see some of Continue Reading

Amazing Hike in the Italian Alps (4K)

we’re at the peak Good Morning! We are in Italy and it is 5:30 in the morning we got up at 4am. We drove all the ay here and we are going to hike in this beautiful mountain in the Alps In the northwest of Italy We are going to Continue Reading

Day Hike Through Mt Rainier National Park | Nomadic Weekenders Hiking Vlog

Rich: good morning how are you doing Park ranger: good and how are you? Lena: good morning! Rich: can we get a National Parks pass? Park ranger: yes you sure can! It’s the $80 pass for every National Park in the country Rich: and it’s for a year right? Calendar? Continue Reading


Hi guys! This week I am skiing in the wonderful valley of Meribel in France Stop, stop, stop, stop the funky music. Before we get into the awesome skiing clips, let me talk to you about the Fish & Pips experience, which is really what made this whole holiday awesome, Continue Reading