#12. The Best of Malaysia – Penang National Park | Hiking In The Jungle | Monkey Beach

Hello, same road again, different day On our way to the bus stop For a drive to the most north western part of the Island Where we going to go to the national park, it’s monkey beach with wild monkeys. I believe and a turtle sanctuary And the kids are Continue Reading

Trekking Torres Del Paine National Park // Hiking Patagonia Chile

So it’s a beautiful morning here in Patagonia. I’m in Torres del Paine National Park. We’re gonna be hiking towards Torres Del Paine viewpoint today. I’m hiking with Jill jJG and Joe this morning. so it should be a pretty fun and epic! In order to hike Torres del Paine Continue Reading

Travel Vlog | Best skiing in Colorado

So here we are Keystone once again Last skiing snowboarding day of the season. No, No! One more! One more! Last one in Keystone. We’ll do one more. He doesn’t know that yet. Here we go. Going down. It’s awesome here nobody around. Really cool. And I missed my turn, Continue Reading

Val di Fassa | Skiing in Dolomites Italy

Really nice movement


hey guys today I am with Olga, her youtube channel is called Wardrobe on Cruise, she’s filming a videos about fashion and today we are filming a video together about ice skating rinks in Milan and we are going to explore like five or four of them. The first one Continue Reading


[Indy] ♪ Bad-dum bad-um-bad-um-dum don’t fall down the hill ♪ ♪ While you’re showin’ off your outfit. ♪ ♪ Don’t fall down the hill while you’re showin’ off your outfit ♪♪ [Music] “ROLL OUT” BY @JFPRAPZ ♪ 5-4-3-2 ♪ ♪ Let’s roll! This is how we roll, ♪ ♪ this Continue Reading

Ice Skating in Bryant Park | Holiday Attractions in NYC | Midtown Manhattan

Hey, guys. Welcome back. Robbie here, along with my girlfriend Kathee. Kathee: Hi guys! The last few weeks I had been talking about all the things that you can do around Midtown in terms of like a lot of holiday stuff but today I figured it’s enough talking about it Continue Reading

Hiking ABOVE THE CLOUDS! (Helvellyn, England)

Good morning adventurers. We drove into the proper Lake District this morning into like the actual park area. We’re about to go on a little hike or it’s going to be kind of a big hike I think Is it gonna be like the biggest hike we’ve done? Ah – Continue Reading

Waterfalls in the United States – Graveyard Fields, North Carolina Vlog

hello and welcome to our channel this is Jamie from Explorcation this is the second video in our North Carolina series and highlights our hike to the waterfalls at the graveyard fields and we made it to six different breweries and one coffee shop we enjoyed each of them for Continue Reading