Retezat Hiking Trail 2019

– We challenge you… who ever wants… -Challenge, we are launching a challenge – Go RETEZAT! -Push…. -Push…. -Push…. -Push,, push,push,push,push,push,push,push -Beautiful! Whistle (Response from other people scattered across the trail) (Laughing) (Odd sounding response) -That guy makes a weird sound … – Is 7:53PM We started walking at 10:40 Continue Reading

Skating Miami Friday Skate – Ep. 03

what’s up Roller Family! Welcome to a new episode of Rollerlife! Today in this series called “RollerWorld” where we skate around the world we’re gonna be skating with our friend from Skating Miami a group of people that hosts a lot of different events! this chapter will be a bit Continue Reading

TURKEY: Hiking The Phrygian Way

“The world without visas: Around the world with Valery Shanin” The campaign on the Phrygian Way became the next stage of The World without Visas project, within which Valery Shanin travels only around the countries, visa-free for Russians. In this campaign, his fellow travelers became Maynur Klementieva from the island Continue Reading

Hiking in the Dolomites

We were in Venice this morning Bye Venice! like mere hours ago in Venice. Okay After an amazing time in Venice we picked up our rental car and started our roadtrip up into the Dolomites. Our first stop, Lago Di Carezza, was 3 hours away and the outrageously picturesque drive Continue Reading

SKIING in PAKISTAN! Malam Jabba Ski Resort, Swat | Omer | VLOG

This is what happen to me? I am responsible for all the bad things that happen to my wife; I am a husband after all. Don’t you look at me? No worries, this will keep happening. I have no crazy stories to tell. But I do have a journey to Continue Reading

Hiking The Great Wall of China

Hiking The Great Wall of China by [email protected] The Great Wall of China is a series of defending walls made of stone and tamped earth. The first walls are built in the 7th century BC. The Great Wall is built for defending against nomadic groups in the north. The existing Continue Reading

Taipei Hiking Travel | Hiking ke Gunung Gajah | Elephant mountain | Vlog 1

Hi guys.. Where you are I wish you are in a good condition, it’s Sunday and today I have no activity, so I decided to go to hiking to the elephant mount Now is the midsummer so the weather very hot Now I walking towards to the station of MRT, Continue Reading

Hiking to Rainbow Mountain Peru // Montaña de Colores

Why did I do this? So we just arrived at the base camp of rainbow mountain, I guess is what you would call it. So we’re getting ready for that hike, the ride, in let me just say this the ride in is kind of treacherous but it’s amazing I Continue Reading

The Best Hike In Hong Kong

We’re on our way right now to Kowloon Peak, which is one of the toughest hikes in Hong Kong. But it’s worth it, ’cause at the end of it there are some amazing views and great photo ops. To top it all off, the sun’s out, the clouds are gone, Continue Reading