40 Years of Complete Isolation (Part 4/4)

ADRI MURGUIA: The following morning, Faustino began making the last preparations before a trip to the Green Lake, which is a day’s horse ride away. We would spend the night there. And so we needed to take enough supplies to get us through our stay. The Green Lake was the Continue Reading


[Music] hello everyone today I am in Clark in a caballo I told you before that I spent half of my life horse riding so this kind of lifestyle is really special to me so I really really love this place because unfortunately horse riding is not as popular in Continue Reading

Mongolian National Park Horse Riding Tours with Stone Horse Expeditions and Travel

Hi, my name is Mergen. I am director of Wagner Asia Automotive, Ford and Landrover Dealer in Mongolia. I went, and I am currently still on a trip, the tailend of a horseback riding trek through Gorkhi Terelj National Park with Keith, Sabine and Stone Horse Mongolia crew. Its been Continue Reading

Cowboys in Calgary

what’s up you ever been here no cuz I’m showing you for the first time this is beauty you ever see beauty like this before no it’s like looking in your mother’s eye for the first time when you were born you don’t remember that I’m reminding you of real Continue Reading

Mongolian horse racing. Part 1./ Монгольские скачки. Часть 1.

Speak Mongolian I can hardly imagine what is it going to be look like The idea of just to mount our horses and go – I’m not sure Somehow these horses look very sad….. Speak Mongolian. – Taking in consideration that they have been catching these horses in the desert Continue Reading

GOPRO HORSE SAFARI | Travel Vlogs | South Africa Vacation

So Louise has said I should lean back into my saddle she says it might… take some pressure off of the crown jewels here I’m trying it, but its killing my back! All I can say is that I know exactly why John Wayne used to walk the way he Continue Reading

Mongolia Horse Riding Holidays & Equestrian Vacations in Asia: Mongolia Expeditions and Travel

My name is Adam, I am a primary school teacher from Australia. I had never been to Mongolia before, but I found Stone Horse to be absolutely fantastic team, they’ve taken me on a great adventure. They are extremely professional, the scenery is stunning, there is wildlife everywhere. The horses Continue Reading

Cu caii prin Muntii Stancosi – Banff, AB | Excursie Canada Ep. 9

From the previous episode.. Nature, nature, and more nature This is Banff National Park. And our legs are giving up. Went to bed really late last night My parents wanted to play some cards until late. We woke up around 8 today We’re going to do something really cool We’re Continue Reading

Should You Travel to Cuba in 2017?

What’s up world. It’s Jon and the question you must be asking yourself today is should I travel to Cuba? Are any of the three following things requirements for you to travel? Constant access to high speed internet. Top of the line customer service? And a wide selection of gourmet Continue Reading

Our Visit Finland Outdoors Adventure (2014): Finland Travel Guide & Finnish Cuisine

Welcome to Helsinki! This week we’re in the Finnish capital and we are going to be showing you some of the top attractions you should check out in the summertime. With its long days and short nights, summertime is a great time to be in Helsinki. This was our second Continue Reading