Solo Hiking the Kungsleden in Swedish Lapland

August 2018 A movie by Floor Denil (That’s me) I’ve been waiting for 6 hours to catch my next flight Welcome! Alright guys Can you see it? I’m going to start! Let’s go! Day 1 – 0 km done – 440 km to go Check this out! How amazing is Continue Reading


Hi guys! Today we’re going to do a hike at Valle de Cocora outside of Salento in Colombia. We’re going to see some wax palm trees which are the tallest palm trees in the entire world. They’re also the national tree of Colombia. After about twenty minutes crammed into a Continue Reading

Manila – Gensan – Sarangani Paragliding | PHILIPPINES

We’re gonna go up there Ok, let’s do this! Hahahaha Oh my God, I’m so nervous But I look cool ! Yeah Yea, haha Wish me luck ! Give me a sign ! Now ? Ohh wowowow ! I thought it’s gonna be scary It is ! Maraaa !! Hi, Continue Reading

На роликах по Парижу / Roller-skating in Paris [ФРАНЦИЯ/FRANCE]

It’s autumn in Paris… November 1, 2015 Paris, France Hello everyone Finally, sunny days in France Warm and nice I’m going to the center of Paris That feeling when you take metro in suburbs… and then you see such a beautiful place PICASSO.MANIA exhibition So if I would rate a Continue Reading

Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah S3E3 – Skiing in Finland (Finnish Lapland)

there is no strength in this world that can last forever no one can stay young forever without getting old no daylight can last forever without turning into night I keep travelling… while I’m still young and strong… always looking for experiences from all corners of the world this time Continue Reading

Freestyle Ice Skating | My Story

[Music] [Music] hi my name is Patrick and I am a passionate as freestyler my father put me on skates at the age of two he never forced me to skate he always tried to motivate me and showed me things in funny style I’ve always been an over average Continue Reading

Travel Vlog | Best skiing in Colorado

So here we are Keystone once again Last skiing snowboarding day of the season. No, No! One more! One more! Last one in Keystone. We’ll do one more. He doesn’t know that yet. Here we go. Going down. It’s awesome here nobody around. Really cool. And I missed my turn, Continue Reading

Cross Country Skiing Lake Mountain Melbourne | ULTIMATE Fall Compliation | Vlog 11

Cross Country Skiing Lake Mountain Melbourne | ULTIMATE Fall Compliation When it falls like Leeza for the feed the minor fall And you may leave the robber King composing hallelujah First time a country cross the skiing oh, this is so weird how do I even? So we’re just going Continue Reading


We arrived at the crag and it’s like two walls facing each other spaced from 2 to 3 meters Have you ever seen roots of palm trees in a climbing route ? Now you do! I just found the first pearl of the trip a long 7a following a tufa Continue Reading