Hiking the West Coast Trail – BC’s Most Iconic Backpacking Trail

The West Coast Trail is a 75 km point-to-point hiking trail along a remote stretch of the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island. Originally created in 1907 to help rescue shipwrecked survivors along the coast it’s become one of BC’s most popular long-distance trails, attracting nearly 7,000 visitors each year from Continue Reading


Oh my god… it smells so bad. This might be the grossest bathroom… I’ve been in… In my entire life. *coughing* Hey! Hey! Look at you, cute little mountain dog aren’t you cold? God… Talk to me how do you feel? Freezing! I cannot feel my mouth, or my Fingertips Continue Reading

Hiking in Georgia- Samegrelo – Shurubumu Cave and stream (Episode-2)

Hello friends, Welcome to day 2 of our journey Right now we are at Shurubumu Camp site. We made camp and slept here last night Today we will hike to Shurubumu cave. After that we will go to Intsra waterfall in the evening (Next Episode) Its an exciting trail even Continue Reading

Annapurna Hiking Trail Nepal Video: Trekking in the Annapurna Mountain Foothills high altitude trek

Thank you for moving over for me, oh my goodness there’s a lot of them coming by and I’m on the edge Good morning there’s the mountain. My accommodation from last night people slowly stirring getting out of bed waking up, putting their packs on same as me. I’m just Continue Reading

Hiking Mushkpuri Top 2019 | Dunga Gali | Nathia Gali | Ayubia | Three musketeers | Pakistan (2019)

Welcome to Pakistan! actually i am here in a train station and i am going to Rawalpindi through this train, you can see this train and we are going to Muskpuri Top actually this valley is Galyat valley so i am going to explore the whole valley and you are Continue Reading

Best Hike Czech Republic – Golden Trail South Bohemia (+110km)

Dobre rano and good morning from the Czech Republic! I am here right now to explore one of the country’s most beautiful regions. I’m going to be doing the hike called the Golden Trail, or as the Czechs call it, Zlatá Stezka. Now is this the best hike in the Continue Reading


MADEIRA – TOP 10 HIKES 10th place: The trout Levada Distance 11km, Ascent metre 0m , Highest point 875m, Difficulty: easy 9th place: Plateau Paul Da Serra Distance 5,5km, Ascent metre 240m , Highest point 1640m, Difficulty: easy 8th place: Pico Ruivo (PR1.2) Distance 5,5km, Ascent metre 270m , Highest Continue Reading

TURKEY: Hiking The Phrygian Way

“The world without visas: Around the world with Valery Shanin” The campaign on the Phrygian Way became the next stage of The World without Visas project, within which Valery Shanin travels only around the countries, visa-free for Russians. In this campaign, his fellow travelers became Maynur Klementieva from the island Continue Reading