Part 1 – How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

Perpetual Motion Freestyle, Perpetual Motion Freestyle is a style or freestyle that’s design for swimming distances without getting tired. It’s not designed for when the Coach at master say ten twenty fives hard ready go, and you want to win the twenty fives. It’s not going to win you the Continue Reading

4 Ways To Improve Freestyle Kick | Front Crawl Swimming Tips For Triathletes

– Today, I’m at Team Bath and I’m going to be explaining how to improve your freestyle kick. You see, without a kick, or an effective kick, your freestyle stroke will more or less just fall apart. It’s not only crucial for the propulsion of your stroke but also for Continue Reading

How To Flip Turn | Freestyle Swimming Tips For Beginners

– The flip turn, or tumble turn as some of us know it, has been causing frustration for swimmers and triatheletes for many years. – Yeah and it’s hardly surprising, I mean you are flipping yourself upside down, under water. You can get disorientated, water up your nose, misjudge your Continue Reading

What Is High Elbow Swimming? | 4 Tips For Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Would you like to swim faster? Of course you would. Well, one of the best ways to do that is to focus on high elbow swimming. But what on earth is high elbow swimming? Well, it’s a phrase that we hear time and time again and for a very Continue Reading

The Pull – How To Swim Front Crawl | Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Today I’m at Team Bath and I’m going to be talking you through the pool phase of the front crawl stroke, which is the propulsive phase of the stroke. This is simply the part in which your hand and your arm are pulling against the water directly beneath our Continue Reading

Shoulder Pain When Swimming? | How To Avoid Swimmers Shoulder

– Your shoulders do a lot of the work in swimming. You have a huge range of movement at the shoulder and it’s quite a significant force, repetitively, for every stroke of front crawl. Therefore it’s no surprise that problems in the shoulder area, are the most common injuries for Continue Reading

5 Swim Toys To Help Improve Your Technique | Swimming Tips For Beginners

– We all know swimming can get a bit tedious from time to time. Trawling up and down that black line. – Yeah, as triathletes, we are often quite guilty of just sticking to front crawl and not really changing it up much, but there’s still other ways in which Continue Reading

Improve Your Open Water Confidence | 8 Beginner Swimming Tips For Triathletes

– It’s amazing how many athletes, and even strong swimmers are scared of the open water. But I have to admit, I was one of those. Overcoming your fears will actually improve your overall triathlon performance. So, we’ve put together eight tips that will make you more confident in the Continue Reading

How To Dive For Swimming | A Step By Step Guide

– Today I am at Sands Beach in Lanzarote and I’m gonna be talking to you about the dive start. Now, it is a very tricky skill to master, so if you have already been trying it and you have any specific questions, then please drop them in the comment Continue Reading

How To Use A Swim Pace Clock | Keeping Time When Swimming

(dramatic music) (clocking ticking) (mechanical typing) – This is a swimming pool clock and whether you’ve used one or not, you’ve probably noticed a clock like this on the wall of your local swimming pool that isn’t there to tell the time. This is actually a pace clock and it’s Continue Reading