Swimming – Turns – Freestyle Flip Turn Step #1

TURNS – Noodle Flip If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do a flip turn (and what swimmer doesn’t?), here’s a fun drill that is step #1 in the learning process. Over the next few weeks, we’ll present a five step sequence that will get you spinning and turning Continue Reading

5 Pro Tips To Swim Faster With Lucy Charles

– Swimming may be your strongest discipline or it may be your weakest. Either way, we’re all searching for ways to swim faster. So we’ve got the help of uber swimmer Lucy Charles. – So here are my top five tips for swimming faster. (mellow electronic music) Hey, so my Continue Reading

Swim Freestyle: Body Position & Technique | Front Crawl Swimming

(upbeat music) – Today, we’re talking about establishing a good freestyle body position in the water. Having the correct body position in the water allows us to be more streamlined, which not only ensures that we improve our efficiency as we swim, but will aid our stroke and help us Continue Reading

7 Unwritten Rules Of The Swimming Pool | GTN’s Essential Guide To Swim Etiquette

– [Mark] It seems that every sport has its own code of etiquette. And swimming is among those sports, though the rules are pretty easy to pick up. Just follow our essential swim etiquette and you’ll be fine. – [Heather] It can be tricky training for a triathlon trying to Continue Reading

DANIELA RYF Swimming Technique

– Morning Trainiacs. That old bent elbow swimming that I’m working on here in the off season is starting to feel a little bit better. But you know what? I was looking at some video the other day about Daniela Ryf with her bent elbow. Oh oh, that is a Continue Reading

This simple body position technique is the swim secret coaches rarely talk about

– So, there’s some footage here that I want to show you to explain what I mean about tautness. (upbeat instrumental music) Everything is stretched out basically as long as it can be. (upbeat instrumental music) – I am piece by piece teaching on how to hold different portions of Continue Reading

LUCY CHARLES swimming technique & Training from Lucy

– [Speaker] : Oh my god, swimming with the high-performance youth team just ruined me! Morning, trainiacs. Little bit of throw up came out there. But me talking about discussing things in a Speedo is not why you came here, you came here to learn how Lucy Charles swims and Continue Reading

T1 Triathlon Transition | How To Go From Swim To Bike

– Well, as you can see, Frasier is just about to come out of the swim. He’s gonna be hiking up the beach and towards his bicycle into transition, T1. Now there’s a lot to think about and a lot to do in a very short space of time, and Continue Reading

8 Hacks To Prevent Foggy Goggles | Swimming Tips For Triathlon

– Foggy goggles is one of the most annoying things about swimming. And there’s so many myths out there as to how to stop this happening. – Yeah, you may well have heard of using saliva, buying special solutions, or rinsing out in water, and so many more. But which Continue Reading

3 Swim Drills To Improve Your Front Crawl Technique | Swim Faster Freestyle In your Next Triathlon

– Swimming is a highly technical sport and getting the hang of that technique is no easy task, but then swimming with the wrong technique could mean that you’re swimming inefficiently, on other words, making it a lot harder then it should be. – Yeah, the best way to improve Continue Reading