How to Snowboard : Linking Turns on a Snowboard

In this segment, after you’ve learned your J-turns, we’re going to go ahead and put those two different turns together. And, that’s called linking your turns. Basically, you’re just going to want to do your J-turns with a small pause instead of a stop in between. And, that’s how you Continue Reading

How To Ride Powder On A Snowboard

Powder Landings: Landing in powder is actually much harder then landing on park jumps but it feels rad when you stomp and it’s pretty soft which provides a forgiving way to try new tricks. While in the air your position should be exactly the same as hitting a park jump Continue Reading

Smooth Round Turns On A Snowboard

The shape of an ideal snowboard turn is round, smooth, and consistent. Round turns feel better, look better and it’s easier to control your speed throughout the turn. Many snowboarders get into the habit of sliding their back foot around on each turn. Riding more from side-slip to side-slip, rather Continue Reading

Paulie’s Review-Rossignol Hero Elite Plus TI Skis

Hi I’m Paulie and I just skied the Rossignol Hero Elite Plus Ti. This is a go fast, front side groomer oriented ski for an aggressive, expert level skier. It would be a great beer league ski it makes short to medium turns really well, holds an edge. It’s really Continue Reading

Dare or Dare – Ep 2: Ice Skating in Singapore

Hi I’m Steffi, this is Kate, Sofia and Alina. Welcome to Dare or Dare Today the joke is on them because I can skate and they can’t I will fall. I’m going to die. Let’s go! I’m going to fail. I’m going to fall down and have many bruises on Continue Reading