GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Self Document Your Snowboarding with Dan Brisse (Ep 15)

Hey what’s up? I’m Dan Brisse. I’m a GoPro Athlete and professional snowboarder. I like to use the Jaws: Flex Clamp and the Gooseneck when I’m filming in the streets or in the park. It’s really awesome, you can pretty much put it wherever you need to with the clamp Continue Reading

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Snowboarding with the New Frame with Nate Holland (Ep 14)

Hey, what’s happening? I’m Nate Holland, GoPro Athlete and snowboarder. Today I’m going to show you some of my GoPro Tips and Tricks, specifically the new Frame Mount and some of the different modes I like to shoot in. As a competitive athlete, I’m always looking for the sleekest, most Continue Reading

Snowboard Tips – How to Spin on a Box – Steamboat Pro Scott Anfang

This is Scott Anfang here with Steamboat Snowboard School and AASI National Snowboard Team What we’re going to work on now is learning how to do a flat spin on a box. So, the way we’re gonna do this flat spin We’re going to take in the A-T-M-L again. Approach, Continue Reading

Master a toe edge turn on a snowboard | How To XV

The toe side turn is one of the purest moves in snowboarding and should it be in pow pow or on the groomer a good toe side turn will make you feel like a king! So there are three phases to the toe side turn So it’s really important you Continue Reading

Learn How To Snowboard: Front Side 360 | Snowboard Tricks For Freestyle Snowboarding

Yo! My name is Aymeric Tonin. And we are here in Ischgl Snowpark. I’m going to teach you today the frontside 360 Aight!!! A frontside 360 is a … full rotation spin in the air. With the chest … turning into the spin. First, you should check out the kicker. Continue Reading

How to Method Grab on a Snowboard – (Regular) Methods Trick Tip

This is Nev Lapwood and Dan Gerstner This tutorial is all about Methods. It’s filmed at Boreal in California and Whistler Blackcomb in Canada A method is without a doubt the most iconic trick possible on a snowboard. It’s stood the best of time throughout the history of snowboarding Continue Reading

How To Tune Your Snowboard with Xavier De Le Rue | HOW TO XV

So having a board well waxed and well tuned will allow it to move and to be free under your feet and that will give such an ease that is actually quite appreciable. So number one fixing the holes on the base all you need is a metal scraper, a Continue Reading

How To Butter With Grabs On A Snowboard

Buttering Like A Boss. This series of buttering tutorials build on our Basics Of Buttering series, so make sure you’ve watched those tutorials first as it’s fundamental for the moves and techniques that we cover in these videos. While riding on your tail, experiment with grabbing your board. The easiest Continue Reading