The BEST GoPro Settings for Skiing and Snowboarding – Hero 7 and Hero 6

Hey everybody, this video is about the GoPro settings for skiing and snowboarding. In this video I will show you which settings I use and I will explain why. I will talk mainly about the settings for the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the Hero 6 but even if you Continue Reading


Jon, what did you thing of this exercice? -I think it’s very good for beginners! Because it’s a good way learn how to turn, in a more effective way With a good position It’s also good for understanding the importance of where we look when we are skating Because some Continue Reading

‘Average Andy’ with Tonya Harding

How To Wallie with Magnus Granér On Skis

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey. SkiManGuy, Ski Addiction back at it. Okay guys, hello, hello guys and girls and ladies and boys and gentlemen and female-e-o-nio’s! Today we are going to do a Wallie, so that means you are just smashing into something with your noses and catching air. It’s Continue Reading

How To Perform a Figure Skating Spiral ft. Anna Cappellini | Olympians’ Tips

(HOW TO…) Hi, I’m Anna Cappellini from the Italian Ice Sports Federation. Today I’m going to show you how to do an angel. (ANGEL) (BASICS) It’s better to start learning this movement in a straight line and possibly with a friend to give you a hand. You need to keep Continue Reading

¡Tips para patinar en las calles! // Tips for roller skating on streets!

before starting with the tips I will give you some recommendations I think that you can do the roller routes with light colored clothes or with some kind of reflective clothes to be more in the eye for the motorists if you roller skate by night, good led lights that Continue Reading

10 $ Used INLINE SKATES !! Are They Good? Ft. FILA Master Wave

hey guys the major concerns gator what can you get for $10 two weeks ago a mess you get a full pair of new skates for $10 I bought them just for this video let me introduce you with Phillip Master wait what type of skates are they they are Continue Reading

How To Layer For Skiing and Snowboarding

Hey folks, this is Witt with Level Nine Sports. Regulating your temperature can often be a challenge when skiing and snowboarding. In this video, I’ll cover the basics of using a layered clothing approach. To stay comfortable in any condition. Each layer that you wear will serve a specific function Continue Reading


hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater and today we’re going to do a slightly different video today I’m going to test on a new type of bearings I’ll say I wonder why this is so popular I don’t know how this is helping me become less stressed Continue Reading