ICE SKATING TO MOVIE MUSIC! | Alexandra Palace Ice Rink | Emma Grace London

Hello I’m Emma Grace and this is Emma Grace London On the weekend I went ice-skating at Alexandra Palace Where they had a special themed night We just had the Oscars So they had an Oscars movie music themed ice-skating night Spoilers – I loved it! The night was hosted Continue Reading

Hiking England: Pennine Way – Part 1, Edale to Snake Pass

This is the Old Nags Head pub It’s the southern terminus, or the start of the Pennine Way The Pennine Way is a hiking trail that runs along the Pennines A series of hills in England, all the way to Scotland It’s 267 miles long and it was established in Continue Reading

Skate World: England

[MUSIC PLAYING] WINSTAN WHITTER: Welcome to London. My name is Winstan Whitter. I’ve been skating in London for the last 21 years. This city just has so many things to offer, especially as a skater, because you’ve got the architecture. You’ve got the night life. More skateboards now, so there’s Continue Reading

Should you wear a bike helmet?

Should cyclists be forced to wear helmets? It’s a subject guaranteed to start an argument. Driver: Have you got a helmet on? No! Cyclist: I don’t have to wear a helmet! Everyone has an opinion. The problem is, they’re normally not based on evidence. Let’s start with something straightforward. I Continue Reading

Inside UK’s Mounted Police Unit

I’m so lucky! I’m at the top secret Mounted Horse Training Centre in London somewhere with these absolutely beautiful horses. They’re the ones that you see when you go to football games, or maybe out on patrol, then you see these beauties. They all get together a few times a Continue Reading

Americans Don’t Understand English – The Jonathan Ross Show

the thing about Americans that I’ve thought about the languages that they speak they say they speak English but they had to change it to make them understand it more go with me on this because I’ve thought it through they’ve changed some of the words so they’ve taken the Continue Reading

LIVE English Lesson – 1st OCT 2017 – Learning English – grammar – childhood – abbreviations

autumn is approaching time to roll down your sleeves the first evening chill arrives with the falling of the leaves red and gold become to us the colour of change and decay for as the seasons are concerned this has always been the way these changes have and always will Continue Reading

How To Ride Side Saddle Like A Victorian Lady

My name’s Rebecca and today I’m dressed in period costume from the late Victorian period. As you can see I am riding side saddle on this lovely Irish Hunter who’s called Kane. Now, side saddles have been around for thousands of years and originally ladies would sit on the side Continue Reading