Off To School! Playmobil School Bus | LPS Pup Saves The Day

(dog whining) oh I know Filipe, I don’t want to go either. I had the riding accident and I got this stupid note saying that I can’t play and run on the playground. (dog whining) I wish you could go with me – boy. I guess the bus just needs Continue Reading

Countdown to Christmas! Playmobil Advent Calendar Week 2

there! that’s it come on you can do it (whinny) it’s a gate it’s okay we’ve got to teach you to properly go in and out of the gate and not be frightened that’s it good job good job oh you did great boy I sure hope the others arrive Continue Reading

How I sort LEGO Minidolls and Accessories Q & A Kids Toys

hello welcome to ellieV toys I have had a lot of you ask me how do you store your Lego now there are lots of ways that I store my Lego but I thought today that I would show you how I store my Lego mini dolls and the huge Continue Reading

NEW MAGIC NECKLACE and a Tour of The Holladay Boys Backyard!! (adley and friends)

[Pumped Up Hip Hop] [Screaming] – Got me! I’m melting! Ah! I’m stuck! Save the vlog! Really crazy surprise. This is a good start to the best day ever. Remember all this stuff? Why do I always do this? I’m always late. There it is. Adley, when you watch this Continue Reading

Barbie Saddle ‘n Ride Horse Toy Unboxing & Review New for 2015 *See Barbie ride on the Beach!

Hey everybody, it’s Nina from Two Dogs and Toys and I’m very excited today to un-box and review Barbie Saddle in Ride. We’re gonna test her out here at home and then we’re gonna take Barbie and her awesome horse outside into the grass and then even to the beach Continue Reading