Powder and Rails: Snowboard Legend Jake Burton Carpenter

[MUSIC PLAYING] TODD KOHLMAN: That’s one of the first early Burton signs that was on the Manchester buildings. It’s based off a shot, an actual shot, of Jake from the ’82 catalog. So here’s a timeline on our history here at Burton. As you know, it started in 1977. Great Continue Reading

Build Most Secret Bamboo Swimming Pool And House On The Cliff

Build The Most Secret Underground Swimming Pool and Underground House On The Cliff

Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village

Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village

Build Underground Swimming Pool Around Water Slide Tower

Build Underground Swimming Pool Around Water Slide Tower

Why Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 Was (and Still is) Important

Hi, I’m Hamish Black and welcome to Writing on Games. Believe it or not, there was a point in time where the notion of accurately representing the art of skateboarding was most effectively realised, well… here. We live in a post-Skate world; we’ve seen how realistic the depictions of skateboarding Continue Reading

Minecraft Creepypasta – “ANNORA PETROVA” #5 (Minecraft Creepypasta Roleplay)

Build Secret Underwater House Inside Dog Swimming Pool

Build Secret Underwater House In Side Dog Swimming Pool

Exploring Cuba’s Skate Culture with Ishod Wair, Andrew Reynolds and Lucien Clarke (Part 1)

the closest thing I’ve ever came to knowing anything about Cuba is just being down in Miami growing up I guys stayed down there a lot kind of feels something like this what’s amazing to be a man like should I come on home or it’s like somehow the weird Continue Reading

Skating With Brian Anderson: Epicly Later’d

BRIAN ANDERSON: Oh, you know what? I almost forgot to get you a water, and I was in line, so I got you Gatorade. And there’s M&Ms if you guys want some M&Ms or gum. JERRY HSU: You could do a trick to land there, maybe. BRIAN ANDERSON: I bet Continue Reading

Surfing and Skating with Luke Rockhold: Fightland Title Shots

I’m not here to be good I’m here to be great and I want to get back I want to get title shot Santa Cruz is awesome I mean I love this town I think as well as beautiful places in the world it’s a rough place it’s not like Continue Reading