PRINGLES CHALLENGE | Whitney and Braxton Bjerken

Hi, I’m Whitney. And I’m Braxton. And welcome to my channel. Today, we are going to be doing the pringles challenge. So we have 13 different types of pringles here. And we are going to have to taste them and guess which type it is, So the Pringles that someone Continue Reading

Whitney Bjerken | 5th Level 9 Gymnastics Meet | Courtney Kupets Pink Invitational

[music] (Siri) the destination is on your right [music] there it is [music] oh there they are…hope my camera doesn’t break [music] [techno music] [orchestral music] [Whitney’s floor music] [applause] [competition background noise] [music] (announcer) and with a 9.425 Whitney Bjerken is your first place floor [music] (announcer) and salute Continue Reading

Whitney Bjerken | 4th Level 8 Gymnastics Meet | Phoenix Horseback Riding

One, two, three you’re gonna run back to me always wanna come but they never wanna leave X’s and the O’s I thought one was in there Thought just the small one Hey [airport announcements] [Jet engine] Where we going/ Arizona. Who’s traveling with us this trip? Sterling [flight announcement] Continue Reading