Program Overview | EA Ski & Snowboard

Hi I’m Eryn from EA Ski &Snowboard Training thanks for checking out our instructor courses. I understand it’s a big decision as I remember starting out over 10 years ago but it’s also a really exciting one. This quick video will give you an understanding of our program options to Continue Reading

Shaun White GOLD Snowboarding – 2018 Winter Olympics Pyeongchang @Amy Moncure

We are front and center today getting ready for men’s snowboard halfpipe qualification. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Shaun White. We’re ready for you. USA! USA! USA! Shaun. We’re ready for you. That’s huge Nice! That was a good run. Way to go, Shaun! USA! USA! USA! Continue Reading

Shaun White: The Guy who Raised the Bar in Snowboarding | Legends Live On

To be a legend in a sport you have to change it. You force the rest of the sport to become better because you exist. He’s just an incredible athlete and amazing competitor. I’ve done more in business and in life and these things than I ever have after winning Continue Reading

I almost died hiking Table Rock Mountain in South Carolina

Men’s ice hockey: USA vs Russia

USA and Russia played a hockey game and USA won 7-3. The first period was scoreless. Many were nervous as it was a hot game, but by the second period, within the first minute, USA scored a goal. The lead went up. Russia did score three times, but USA would Continue Reading

Rise and Swim (Welcome to the Grind)

Racing With an Olympic Speed Skater

– [Brittany] When you’re getting on the ice and pairs of skaters are already racing before you, it can be very, very noisy, but the second I step on the ice for my race, I become hyper focused. My name is Brittany Bowe, and I am an Olympic long track Continue Reading

First Time Ice Skating | #VLOG 2

Hellooo So today is going to be my first time doing ice skating and also it’s going to be my first English video like this thing hopefully, my pronunciation is getting better so you can understand what I’m saying I’ve never done this in my life so, I’m so afraid Continue Reading