Newborn Horse Syndrome Suggests Links to Childhood Autism

My name is Ellen Jackson, I’m the sole proprietor of Victory Rose thoroughbreds here in Vacaville. We raise about 70 to 80 foals a year. We also race them. The investment to raise a racehorse is quite large. So that’s why we put in so much to making sure the Continue Reading

Ask the Equine Nutritionist – Benefits of grass and legume hays

DR. LYDIA GRAY: Hey, SmartPak fans, welcome to a special edition of Ask The Vet. You may notice I’m sitting on this side, not that side. I’m Dr. Lydia Gray, the Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director at SmartPak. This is Nerida Richards, PhD. I’m going to let you introduce yourself. Continue Reading

Ask the Vet – Should I wrap my horse’s legs when trailering?

SARAH: “Should I wrap my horses legs when going on a long trip in the trailer.” And she asked this question with just one question mark. So she’s asking the Olive in her name, Olive? Just like very casually, should I wrap my horses legs when going on a long Continue Reading

How to wrap a horse’s legs

Hi, my name is Dr. Lydia Gray. I’m the Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director here at SmartPak. Today, I want to share some tips for wrapping your horse’s legs, something that every horse owner will need to do eventually, whether it’s for exercise, for shipping in a trailer, for adding Continue Reading

Ask the Vet – Can I ride with a quarter sheet on my horse?

SARAH: Okay, this is Christie from California. And she mentioned that she rode in a quarter sheet for the first time this winter today, and where she lives is usually 40 to 50 degrees. She usually warms up with it on and then takes it off, but she’s wondering if Continue Reading

Ask the Vet – What to know before owning a horse

SARAH: What do you think everyone should know before owning a horse, medically, that is? DR LYDIA GRAY: Right, right, because it covers a lot of ground. So this question was music to my ears. It also made me think of a saying that my old riding teacher used to Continue Reading

Ask the Vet – How hard to work a horse in the heat

DAN: “My Dutch Warmblood is 17.3 hands and 1,500 pounds. We live in central Florida where the summers can be brutally hot and humid.” I can only imagine. “He is 18 years old, and has been in work most of his life as a jumper for years, and now does Continue Reading

Ask the Vet – How to know if your horse is in pain

DAN: “How do you know if a horse is in pain or any discomfort?” DR LYDIA GRAY: This is related to the other one. I thought it was interesting that both questions got voted high up. It must be a point of concern with people. And again, this was not Continue Reading

Ask the Vet – Clicking hocks, sharing tack, healthy snacks, and more! – July 2018

SARAH: Hi, SmartPak fans. I’m SmartPaker, Sarah. She’s Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director here at SmartPak. And we are back with another episode of Ask The Vet. DR LYDIA GRAY: Ask The Vet. SARAH: That’s right. And we’re here to answer horse health questions submitted by riders Continue Reading

ColiCare Testimonial – Donna and Superman | ColiCare now with $10,000 colic surgery reimbursement

I’m Donna Ryan, I board here at Stargazer Hill Farms. Superman has been my horse for about six months now. He’s a 14-year old warmblood gelding who was a former show horse. And he’s now retired to be my pleasure horse. We do a little bit of everything. We do Continue Reading