Girl & Anti-Hero Skate Tour 1 of 10 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, you can see it [INAUDIBLE]. MIKE CARROLL: All right. Way to go, huh? MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. MIKE CARROLL: All right. What’s up, dude? MALE SPEAKER: What’s up? MIKE CARROLL: All right. What’s happening? PATRICK O’DELL: What’s up? Welcome back to the show. We’re here at Deluxe. We’re Continue Reading

Skate World: Spain

[MUSIC PLAYING] DANNY LOZANO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] BORJA SANTIAGO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] IGNACIO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] DANNY LOZANO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] BORJA SANTIAGO: [SPEAKING SPANISH] DANNY LOZANO: For sure, it’s the oldest store in Madrid, if not even Spain, I don’t know. But it’s super old. The thing is that it looks exactly the Continue Reading

Skate World: Sweden

[MUSIC – EIGHT DAYZ, “WHAT’S SO STRANGE ABOUT ME?”] PONTUS ALV: In the ’70s, Malmo was a big industrial city. And building big oil ships, like big tankers, that was the main business. In the ’80s, there was the big financial crash. So there was no work, there was no Continue Reading

Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 1 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

ANTWUAN DIXON: What you want to do? Go trip by the pool? MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. ANTWUAN DIXON: And talk? Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. Got my little weights out there. I already worked out this morning. I woke up at 7:00, and then I was going to go to the park, but those Continue Reading

Drinking & Skating w/ Dustin Dollin – Epicly Later’d – VICE

DUSTIN DOLLIN: I’m going too fast. (SINGING) Little red corvette. See if you can hear me. PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah I can hear you. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Can you hear me? Is that way better? Can you hear me now? Aren’t you the fucking filmer? I’m just a puppet. PATRICK O’DELL: Hi. Continue Reading

Pro Skater John Rattray – Epicly Later’d – VICE

JOHN RATTRAY: Jump ramp, jumper clearing the tail. OK. That’s always fun. So I’m sorry, right there, fly bang move, and then– PATRICK O’DELL: What does it say on your shoes? JOHN RATTRAY: Oh, yeah, “the Earth died screaming while I was dreaming,” that’s Tom Waits. PATRICK O’DELL: Oh, OK. Continue Reading

Outlaw History of Pro Skater Jason Dill – Epicly Later’d – VICE

MALE SPEAKER: What’s all this fucking shit on the wall? JASON DILL: I woke up– for like a month straight– just with blood in my mouth. MALE SPEAKER: How’d it get on the wall? Spitting? JASON DILL: Yeah. 14 dental appointments and they’re still fucked up. I know it’s gross. Continue Reading

Pro Skater Ray Barbee – Epicly Later’d – VICE

RAY BARBEE: I mean, to me, honestly, I always looked at punk as more of a way of thinking, if you will. It’s kind of more that part of you that’s just like, man, I want to do this. This is the norm? I want to do that! If there’s Continue Reading

Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon – Epicly Later’d – 4 of 4

ANTWAUN DIXON: Whoo! See my new teeth I got? [CHUCKLE]. That’s when all the cameras come on. And then that’s when the videos go on YouTube. Like, that’s all everybody see, oh fight, oh this, this, this. That’s when I’m faded, just like, living, like doing me, but you know Continue Reading

Skate World: France

SAMIR KRIM: That was a fun cruise. Like, we would just go from Bastille, which is on the other side of town, and we would just ride, you know? All along the Seine. Come skate that spot, then go skate that spot, then go skate the museum. And in the Continue Reading