7-year-old Sets New Limbo Skating World Record

00:10 SUSAN MCGREGOR: I would say RoboVault is the Fort Knox of storage. 00:14 COMM: RoboVault in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been providing the ultimate in secure storage since 2009. And it’s trusted to store millions of dollars worth of art, wine and exclusive car collections. 00:29 SUSAN MCGREGOR: Nothing Continue Reading

Live at the Necropolis: Lords of Synth | Adult Swim

♪♪ Tonight, three unbridled masters of the synthesizer will engage in a once-in-a-lifetime battle of “fingoric” dexterity. This is “Live at the Necropolis: the Lords of Synth.” I’m Edgar Tangram, joined, of course, tonight by Zedd Centuari. Tonight promises to be a rare musical treat and, dare I say, a Continue Reading

Freestyle ice skating 2019

Grapevine Triangle Half butterfly + circle handflip=Boomerang 360º High 180º One foot backwards Auto Donut Eagle stop Jump stop Circle handflip

Val di Fassa | Skiing in Dolomites Italy

Really nice movement

Wet City “Chapter 02″ | adult swim smalls

♪♪ I wasn’t much of a sailor before the flood. Even now I never got used to the open water. Nothing in sight for thousands of miles. And beneath it all, strange creatures inhabiting a forgotten world. Under normal circumstances, I might’ve stopped for some treasure hunting, but not today. Continue Reading