We arrived at the crag and it’s like two walls facing each other spaced from 2 to 3 meters Have you ever seen roots of palm trees in a climbing route ? Now you do! I just found the first pearl of the trip a long 7a following a tufa Continue Reading

How to see Cuba Viñales on horseback

Six kinds of leaves – but essentially three of them: Crowns, central leaves and the bottom leaves. So the crowns are strong. The central leaves are flexible. And the bottom leaves are mild, but they burn fast. So you mix the different leaves and you get different cigars. Very nice, Continue Reading

CUBA (Viñales) : cheval, cigare et mojito

Hello my friends, I’m Captain Rémi I’m at La Havana in Cuba And today I’m going to Viñales We just arrived in Viñales. After a good night, we will go ride horses in the valey. Hey, How’s going ? We are horse riding in Vinales’ Valey. If you want to Continue Reading