Most Beautiful Beach in Cuba? (Trinidad)

Why don’t you show everybody how that door opens. Go ahead. Do that again. You got it, you got it. What’s going on folks. Jon episode three from Trinidad, Cuba. And today we’re going to check out the beach for the first time. Vamos a la playa. And we just Continue Reading


We arrived at the crag and it’s like two walls facing each other spaced from 2 to 3 meters Have you ever seen roots of palm trees in a climbing route ? Now you do! I just found the first pearl of the trip a long 7a following a tufa Continue Reading

Future Surf Pro

– No, don’t hit me! No, no! You got me! – We’re starting the day off with delicious crepes, and we’re gonna have the best day ever. – Wanna try a bite? (baby cries) Oh it’s so yummy! – Adley does not want to try my crepes. (crying) – Okay, Continue Reading


[Music] hello everyone today I am in Clark in a caballo I told you before that I spent half of my life horse riding so this kind of lifestyle is really special to me so I really really love this place because unfortunately horse riding is not as popular in Continue Reading

Addy Gets Rollerblades!

Today is our Addy-Roo’s ninth birthday! We can’t believe it. [Laughs] She’s pretty excited, she just got home from school and the first thing she went to do was hit the park because the thing she wanted for her birthday more than anything else was a new pair of roller Continue Reading

Cole Sprouse RECOGNIZES Brooklyn and Bailey! | Behind the Braids Ep.65

– So we were talking with Cole Sprouse, and he thought we’d met before, and I was like, I think I’d remember that! – In my dreams! – Okay so we know that your character Betty and Jughead are dating in the show, but what is your relationship outside of Continue Reading

HORSE CAMP REVIEW!! Our weekend at Wilderness Pursuit Horseback Adventures!

Hi guys, Welcome back to Bee You Neek! I’m Little B. And today we are going to be talking about Wilderness Pursuit Horse Camp in Neilsville, Wisconsin. And that was like the best place ever because we got to spend the night in a cabin and we got to ride Continue Reading

What others think of horseriding VS What I think! + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

What exactly are you doing? There you go! Hi guys! Thanks for watching this new video! I’m with Romy van der Linden. She has her own channel and asked me to film a video together. I usually don’t respond to that, but I’ve been watching Romy’s video’s for a few Continue Reading

Cu caii prin Muntii Stancosi – Banff, AB | Excursie Canada Ep. 9

From the previous episode.. Nature, nature, and more nature This is Banff National Park. And our legs are giving up. Went to bed really late last night My parents wanted to play some cards until late. We woke up around 8 today We’re going to do something really cool We’re Continue Reading

Should You Travel to Cuba in 2017?

What’s up world. It’s Jon and the question you must be asking yourself today is should I travel to Cuba? Are any of the three following things requirements for you to travel? Constant access to high speed internet. Top of the line customer service? And a wide selection of gourmet Continue Reading