Dog Friendly Hiking in Arkansas!

Over the past nine years I’ve circled the globe seeking out exotic adventures in over 20 countries but I never dared dream of finding myself deep in the wildernes of…. Arkansas? Before this trip Arkansas wasn’t exactly high on my list of dream travel destinations but with only three days, Continue Reading

Don’t Use Paddles for Triathlon Swim Training

– [Taren] I don’t even care if we have kick in the set today, I’m kicking. (wooshing) Antithetical, how’s that for a five dollar word? (wooshing) Fabulous evening, so much romance. (wooshing) Morning, Trainiacs, gotta sneak in a very, very quick, quick, quick swim this morning because gotta get to Continue Reading

DANIELA RYF Swimming Technique

– Morning Trainiacs. That old bent elbow swimming that I’m working on here in the off season is starting to feel a little bit better. But you know what? I was looking at some video the other day about Daniela Ryf with her bent elbow. Oh oh, that is a Continue Reading

Skating On The Halifax Oval – My Halifax – Things To Do In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Good Morning Guys It’s Adam Cooper here from My Halifax Today’s episode we are going to go skating on the Oval right now we have come down to the Halifax Forum where you can actually get your skates sharpened so we are going to do that and then we are Continue Reading

This simple body position technique is the swim secret coaches rarely talk about

– So, there’s some footage here that I want to show you to explain what I mean about tautness. (upbeat instrumental music) Everything is stretched out basically as long as it can be. (upbeat instrumental music) – I am piece by piece teaching on how to hold different portions of Continue Reading

Vlog 7: JAPAN EDITION | KOBE ROPEWAY + OSAKA ICE SKATING (They’re leaving me 😭💔) | April White

we can go straight that way oh it’s still red I still had to join you should join We met.. we were on the train with a Japanese and we were shocked because she suddenly spoke in Tagalog I was hesitant if she was speaking in Tagalog but it really Continue Reading

The Great Wall of China: Hiking & Camping!

We are on our way to the Great Wall of China, but instead of fighting our way through hordes of tourists we’ll put on snake repellent and explore awe inspiring unrestored portions of the wall with our incredible guide Peter. The Jiankou section of the wall is one of the Continue Reading

CAN’T BELIEVE SHE SAID…| Vlogmas Day 2 Ice Skating Proposal ⛸

found great good good good good and mortals don’t lock starting off the day going to the gym we’re working out legs today not my favorite this is a six week program mi40x my goal is to lose 15 pounds gaining muscle losing my distinction I like this machine I Continue Reading


How are you, people ? I’d like to have a badass intro… But it’s 7.00 am and … … my brain is cloudy. So we’ll do with this intro… Hi everyone ! Welcome to this new vlog Right, today the weather is pretty bad. I think it will rain very Continue Reading