gays on ice: olympics edition (ft. Adam Rippon)

– Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley and I am here with Adam Rippon. He is an ice skater and he is incredible. And I am going to the Olympics this year, did you know? – Me too. – Oh my God! I just felt like, what better way Continue Reading


so we’re here but I forgot the number hello hey Baltimore the number of unique stuff for today I Korea hello hello let’s say hi to my viewers I often the tube a lady I was like the weather and she was like it’s gonna be minus 10 degrees and Continue Reading

37km-9hour Open Water Marathon Swim in the Winnipeg Red River

– Now it’s go time. – In, gentlemen. (water splashing) – Woo! (cheers and applause) (piano music) – This is breakfast number one. Only breakfast. Four hours until we start. (piano music) Back to bed. (cell phone ringing) – Now it’s go time. This slurry is what’s gonna help me Continue Reading

Breathe Less if you’re out of Breath Triathlon Swimming

– They smell like new shorts. Good way to practice that is called ‘sink downs.’ Look at me, I have shorts. Good morning, trainiacs. Today is a bit of a Crackerjack box of a workout. I have no idea what it’s going to be. Pat was talking a little bit Continue Reading

Most Beautiful Beach in Cuba? (Trinidad)

Why don’t you show everybody how that door opens. Go ahead. Do that again. You got it, you got it. What’s going on folks. Jon episode three from Trinidad, Cuba. And today we’re going to check out the beach for the first time. Vamos a la playa. And we just Continue Reading


[Music] hello everyone today I am in Clark in a caballo I told you before that I spent half of my life horse riding so this kind of lifestyle is really special to me so I really really love this place because unfortunately horse riding is not as popular in Continue Reading

Cole Sprouse RECOGNIZES Brooklyn and Bailey! | Behind the Braids Ep.65

– So we were talking with Cole Sprouse, and he thought we’d met before, and I was like, I think I’d remember that! – In my dreams! – Okay so we know that your character Betty and Jughead are dating in the show, but what is your relationship outside of Continue Reading

Should You Travel to Cuba in 2017?

What’s up world. It’s Jon and the question you must be asking yourself today is should I travel to Cuba? Are any of the three following things requirements for you to travel? Constant access to high speed internet. Top of the line customer service? And a wide selection of gourmet Continue Reading

Laza Lovaglás és Elrontott Reggeli / Vlog 20

Good morning. Soon I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow afternoon, because I know that the video kinda just stopped. But… On the way back I didn’t want to take more footage, just wanted to enjoy the view. Then I fell asleep, then we came home… Nevermind. For now I have Continue Reading

Too Fat to Ride a Horse? Exploring Cappadocia’s Landscape

*Music* Alright after a bit of a scary delay…I thought I lost my camera Turns out it had just fallen out my bag in the back We’re about to go horseback riding so through the valley with these bad boys. Are you excited for this? Just pretend to be an Continue Reading