Lo que me faltaba por hacer en Texas: IR A UN RODEO

This is the deep America. Today we have come to see a rodeo. And it turns out that the rodeo that is organized here in San Antonio is one of the largest in all Texas And one of the most historical ones too. All I see is trucks everywhere. I’m Continue Reading

Exploring Switzerland Part 2: First Glider + Mountain Coaster + Paragliding: TSL Vlogs

Hi guys! I’m Ra. And I’m Nic. In our first Switzerland vlog, we explored Zurich with our friends Gabriel and Char Sew, one of us even got a tattoo. This time, we’ll be heading to the cities of Bern and Lucerne using Klook Swiss Travel Pass, which allows us to Continue Reading

My Not-So-First-Time Ice Skating! | Vlogmas (but not really)

Hey everyone! I don’t know if you can hear me But, we found some shelter We came into this cafe place and they have heated lamps So, we’ve warmed up now I was freezing before I couldn’t move my body or my hands and stuff and my friend lent me Continue Reading

CAN’T BELIEVE SHE SAID…| Vlogmas Day 2 Ice Skating Proposal ⛸

found great good good good good and mortals don’t lock starting off the day going to the gym we’re working out legs today not my favorite this is a six week program mi40x my goal is to lose 15 pounds gaining muscle losing my distinction I like this machine I Continue Reading

Hiking with Asthma | UTAH TRAVEL VLOG

Hiking City Creek Canyon Well, I completely underestimated my asthma today. Three days of temperature inversion and smog, and I’m completely shot. Today we had green air quality this morning and the numbness and my fingers and my feet was no longer there. So I thought let’s go on a Continue Reading


(baileytubevlogs) 2.22.18 What’s up guys! So we just got out of a protest for the teachers. Now we’re going to go to Target, for a “mommy & Bailey day” What’s up guys we are now at Target, and we’re going to try to go to the toy section. and we Continue Reading

Mount Baldy, California Hiking Vlog – May 2017

Welcome to Luke’s HomeTube. This is the Mount Baldy summit hike. Good morning, it’s just after 6:30, and I’m heading for Mount Baldy. There’s a lot of clouds out today. So, I hope that’s not going to be a problem. The sun is shining through them a bit. So hopefully Continue Reading