Tyler Nicholson & Jamie Anderson: A Snowboarding Love Story | CBC Sports

I knew she was an awesome shredder and I knew that, and was just, like, an icon in snowboarding, so, like, I was super intimidated to talk to her. And then we’re out drinking, and dancing, and staying at one of my sponsors’ house and he, like, walked me to Continue Reading

Ski and snowboard race to the bottom – Red Bull Home Run Sweden 2011

We are back here in Are for Red Bull Home Run. This is my favorite event, I won it a year ago. There are more people now, I’m going to ski away from 350 people. It will be harder this year, Petter Nortugh is here. There are professionals here as Continue Reading

Snowboarding mit Luke in Georgien | Roadtrip nach Indien #22

In this episode we still don’t know how to get our visa for Iran. So we are driving to the mountains of Georgia to go snowboarding. Our problem was, that we had applied for the Iran visa in Baku in Azerbaijan. The Application was official, but although we waited for Continue Reading

Ice Skating and stuff | Our favorite videos of 2018

hey guys we are celebrating New Year’s today it is New Year’s Eve right now so we are going to go ice-skating as a family all of us. Say hi Pia. If you are new here, I’m DG and that’s Pia. And together we’re DG & Pia. We do lots Continue Reading

Reacting to Old Snowboard Videos – Baby to Olympics! | Chloe Kim

– Hi guys! Okay, so today, I will be reacting to videos of me snowboarding from when I was young, to the more recent days. Like the Olympics, and all of everything else I’ve been doing, I don’t even know. You guys can kinda see the progression, I can reminisce Continue Reading

Powder and Rails: Snowboard Legend Jake Burton Carpenter

[MUSIC PLAYING] TODD KOHLMAN: That’s one of the first early Burton signs that was on the Manchester buildings. It’s based off a shot, an actual shot, of Jake from the ’82 catalog. So here’s a timeline on our history here at Burton. As you know, it started in 1977. Great Continue Reading

Build Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground House

These days that we lived in the forest is extremely tough Danger was always lurking, from wild animals, insects to poisoned plants, which can kill us anytime It costs us a lot to build works Sometimes when we nearly finished it, there was a heavy rain and everything collapsed Then Continue Reading

How Japanese Teen Ayumu Hirano defied USA’s Snowboarding Dominance | Game Breakers

Snowboarding is not a major sport in Japan. The pipes in Japan are not up to the standards of the rest of the world. But I always believe in myself and try to perform my best no matter how bad the conditions are. Instead of trying to flip as high Continue Reading

Shaun White: The Guy who Raised the Bar in Snowboarding | Legends Live On

To be a legend in a sport you have to change it. You force the rest of the sport to become better because you exist. He’s just an incredible athlete and amazing competitor. I’ve done more in business and in life and these things than I ever have after winning Continue Reading