The Mistake That Cost Sven Kramer Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

There aren’t many rules to Olympic speed-skating. Get around the rink as quickly as possible. That’s the gist. The fastest man or woman wins. But there’s one rule you have to remember – there are only two lanes on the speed-skating track and you have to skate one lap in Continue Reading


So a few weeks ago. I went to this retreat slash camping as a staff member what our jobs basically were was to watch over the [kids] and make sure they don’t run off anywhere and to make sure they’re Participating in the activities like they’re [supposed] to you know Continue Reading

Skate World: Sweden

[MUSIC – EIGHT DAYZ, “WHAT’S SO STRANGE ABOUT ME?”] PONTUS ALV: In the ’70s, Malmo was a big industrial city. And building big oil ships, like big tankers, that was the main business. In the ’80s, there was the big financial crash. So there was no work, there was no Continue Reading

Carter Jones: A Competitive Skater Gets Schooled

I got involved in ice skating when I was about seven years old. I saw it on TV, and I fell in love with it and it was something that I wanted to try. My name is Carter Jones and I am a psychology major at Drexel and I used Continue Reading

Wet City “Chapter 02″ | adult swim smalls

♪♪ I wasn’t much of a sailor before the flood. Even now I never got used to the open water. Nothing in sight for thousands of miles. And beneath it all, strange creatures inhabiting a forgotten world. Under normal circumstances, I might’ve stopped for some treasure hunting, but not today. Continue Reading

Skate World: Denmark

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANTON JUUL: Most of the city is really old. So normally they build the small stones all over. And this was really exciting. They clean the ledges every week. So we have to wax them up. And we did that for four years. Every week we waxed them Continue Reading

4 Scary Stories | Hiking and Camping Stories/ Possible Encounters With Serial Killers

I grew up in a very rural, mountainous area in western Massachusetts known as the Berkshires. It’s part of the northern stretch of the Appalachian Mountains and the Appalachian Trail ran right through my neighborhood. When I was about 5 or 6, back in the early 90’s, I had a Continue Reading

Postgame interviews: Adler Mannheim vs. Djurgården Stockholm

That was our goal, we talked about that and we definitely wanted to win the group. We didn’t play a bad game in Stockholm last week, but we allowed 5 shorthanded goals. And even though we took too many penalties again, we improved that tonight. But it was a lot Continue Reading

Hiking Guadalupe Peak – the Highest Point in Texas – Guadalupe Mountains National Park (#2/419)

Today we’re hiking the Guadalupe Peak which is the highest peak in Texas. This was our second day hiking in Guadalupe Mountains National Park – park number two on our journey to visit them all. At 8751ft Guadalupe peak is the highest peak in Texas rising up 3029 feet above Continue Reading

“Miyu” “Sara” 3 sisters of “Honda Marin” of ice skating shows a skate. Yomiuri Shimbun

It was chosen as an ambassador of Yomiuri Shimbun and. High I read Yomiuri Shimbun for the first time. I, a newspaper of junior and senior high school students I’m a child newspaper. How was it? It’s YABAI. ( ※It’s being expressed by a skate. ) It’s Yomiuri Shimbun over the first Continue Reading