LEARN to SWIM & FLOAT for BEGINNERS (easy tutorial)

Hey Leo, how are you today? Today we do a little video for the beginners they don’t know how to swim at all and it’s the first lesson for them so when you are beginner there is no need to go where it’s scary for you for example where you Continue Reading


– What is going sharers? I’m Stephen Sharer. We got this box fort and we got this frozen pond. We’re about to stick the box fort on top of the frozen water, will this work? Will it sink? I don’t know. Let’s find out, let’s put it on, let’s give Continue Reading

Polk BOOM Swimmer: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker; Review & Shower Speaker Test

I am unboxing and reviewing the BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker: it is very light, has an impressive sound for its little size and, YES, it is waterproof! Lots of fun! Coming up on “You Have An iPad”. This is the “Swimmer” from BOOM. It is a portable, wireless speaker you Continue Reading

Part 1 – How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

Perpetual Motion Freestyle, Perpetual Motion Freestyle is a style or freestyle that’s design for swimming distances without getting tired. It’s not designed for when the Coach at master say ten twenty fives hard ready go, and you want to win the twenty fives. It’s not going to win you the Continue Reading

Zipper Swimming Drill: Professional Swim Coaching – Ep. 1

The importance of the zipper drill is to fine-tune the recovery of your swim stroke. When doing the zipper drill, the goal was to keep your elbow high, and don’t cross the midline of your body. When doing this drill slide your thumb along the side of your body to Continue Reading

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: The GoPro App and Freestyle Skiing with Grete Eliassen (Ep 11)

What’s up everyone? I’m Grete, GoPro Athlete, professional skier, and I’m here to give you some GoPro Tips and Tricks. I’m headed to the park right now with my GoPro. I’m probably just going to hold it out like this. I’ve got it everywhere on my body, and I want Continue Reading

The Strange (Unexpected) Reason Ice is Slippery

Thank you to Nord VPN for supporting PBS [chatter in background and ice skates scraping] [bleep] Hey smart people Joe here. I’m willing to bet you’re familiar with this stuff — ice, good old frozen H2O If you ever really stop to think about it I mean sure we put Continue Reading

Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village

Building Water Slide Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground Village