Tokyo Day Trip to Waterfalls, Shrine, Rock Garden Forest Hiking at Mount Mitake

Tugela Falls – Hiking to the Second Tallest Waterfall

Here we are in beautiful South Africa in the Drakensberg mountains and as you can see it’s snowing even though it’s November. Here’s our beautiful view. We’re at 10,000 meters or 10,000 feet one or the other Probably not either Not quite sure if we’re on the right trail I Continue Reading

Seattle Hiking Adventure

Good Morning! I am headed to Seattle and the second my flight lands, I’m going hiking. We are hiking Rattlesnake Ledge with Mark in Seattle It is a heckin’ beautiful day 73 Degrees? which is a huge relief coming from Houston but there is a big pupper dog Look, it Continue Reading

Hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome | 4K

So we’re getting ready to hike Half Dome. Here we go. We are about to head up there All right now it’s time to hike Okay, we just made it inside the Yosemite Valley. Now we’re headed to the Half Dome trailhead to meet our friends and start our hike. Continue Reading

Hiking Amazing Amicalola Falls State Park – Traveling Robert

Mount Baldy, California Hiking Vlog – May 2017

Welcome to Luke’s HomeTube. This is the Mount Baldy summit hike. Good morning, it’s just after 6:30, and I’m heading for Mount Baldy. There’s a lot of clouds out today. So, I hope that’s not going to be a problem. The sun is shining through them a bit. So hopefully Continue Reading

Verkeerderkill Falls + Ice Caves Hike | Sam’s Point, Gunks, NY

Today we’re revisiting the always enchanting Ice Caves and Verkeerderkill Falls of the Sam’s Point Area of the Minnewaska State Park Preserve in the Gunks. According to the New York State Parks website, this area offers “a bounty of natural splendor” thanks to its unique glacial geologic history. In addition Continue Reading


Be careful. Dude all we need to do is get over there. Where in flat right there and I think we’ll be good. Okay thirty degree water here Yosemite national park, still gonna stay clean tho. Aye yo, good morning Logang. What’s poppin? I’m gonna make this fast cause its Continue Reading

Hiking to see GIANT WATERFALL | Thailand Adventure

Hi guys. This is our second day in Thailand, and today, we are gonna go see a waterfall and maybe even dive in. So let’s go. Which way? Yeah, let’s go. (cheerful music) It’s a very long walk, and I’m so tired. (water rushing) Oh, here it is. The waterfall. Continue Reading

Havasupai Falls, Arizona – Hiking Back To The Hilltop | 4K | PT. 3 of 3

Morning Everyone! It’s 3:16am. And we’re heading out. Ok, we just dropped off our bags. And…we’re starting our hike. Ok, it’s 3:34am. And we just left the campground. We’re hiking up the hill next to the Havasupai waterfall. That’s the waterfall at night. What’s to the right? Hey fox! It’s Continue Reading