Hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome | 4K

So we’re getting ready to hike Half Dome. Here we go. We are about to head up there All right now it’s time to hike Okay, we just made it inside the Yosemite Valley. Now we’re headed to the Half Dome trailhead to meet our friends and start our hike. Continue Reading

tuja’s Trail Guide for an Easy, Breezy Hike Near Montreal

Hi! I’m Jessica, I’m with tuja wellness and we are here today at Parc Régional Chutes Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles. Not the catchiest name in the world, but the most beautiful hike that you guys have got to try. We’re here in the heart of the Lanaudière Region, we’re about an hour and Continue Reading

Girón Ecuador Hiking at Laguna de Busa + WATERFALLS!!!

>>Amelia: Hola veggie lovers. Fuimos a visitar Girón y JP, ¿disfruta la belleza natural? [Laughter] >>JP: Sí.>>JP: I don’t think that’s right. >>A: I don’t think that’s right.>>A: Cuz I don’t know how to say, “did you enjoy.”>>JP: Disfrutio.>>A: Disfrutio.>>JP: Yeah. Disfrutio.>>A: Well, we went to Girón, and we enjoyed Continue Reading

Iceland: Golden Circle, Gullfoss + Geysir VLOG

hey guys welcome back is week 5 which means it’s the second month of being in Iceland and the first month I decided call moving to Iceland and I am transitioning into living in Iceland this week we had our first visitors Chris and Ann over from Scotland was brilliant Continue Reading

Hiking to see GIANT WATERFALL | Thailand Adventure

Hi guys. This is our second day in Thailand, and today, we are gonna go see a waterfall and maybe even dive in. So let’s go. Which way? Yeah, let’s go. (cheerful music) It’s a very long walk, and I’m so tired. (water rushing) Oh, here it is. The waterfall. Continue Reading

Havasupai Falls, Arizona – Hiking Back To The Hilltop | 4K | PT. 3 of 3

Morning Everyone! It’s 3:16am. And we’re heading out. Ok, we just dropped off our bags. And…we’re starting our hike. Ok, it’s 3:34am. And we just left the campground. We’re hiking up the hill next to the Havasupai waterfall. That’s the waterfall at night. What’s to the right? Hey fox! It’s Continue Reading

9 Places You Should Never Swim In!

From water so hot it could boil you alive to a lake filled with acid, here are some places you should never go swimming: 9. Lake Hillier This bright pink lake is located in Australia. It is about two thousand feet long and eight hundred twenty feet wide. This strange Continue Reading

Hiking in Oahu: Manoa Falls Trail Hike in 4K Resolution (Hiking Tips)

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] for the next ten minutes let me be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now there’s a lot of trails that branches off from their main trail unless you know where you going our man I recommend not going down way so don’t get lost and all Continue Reading