First Time Ice Skating Snoopy Museum (SoCal Quick Escape Santa Rosa): Travel with Kids スヌーピーミュージアム

[Dad] Go. We have two… [Dad] All right, quiet. [Brother] I need to go pee. Hotel accommodations was provided by Flamingo Resort. This is our Southern, California click escape to Santa Rosa. Our first stop is the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. This museum inspires children’s creativity and stimulates their Continue Reading

LAKES, PEAKS AND BLISTERS 🥾: Long-distance hiking in Austria, Salzkammergut

Gasp! Only a few more meters. Hello fellow adventurers and welcome to my home, the Salzkammergut. My name is Matthias from Bugs & Bears and together with my girlfriend Doris I’m traveling the world looking for wildlife and adventure. Our first long distance trail experience. My body temperature feels like Continue Reading

Hawaii’s Waipio Valley Hike

Okay, so we just got to Waipio Valley and we’re going to hit this up it’s going to be crazy Apparently there’s a beautiful valley with some nice waterfalls Andrew just brought me to spoil it looks incredible already. We haven’t even gotten down there. So super keen Okay, so Continue Reading

Arenal Volcano Hike and Tabacon hot springs, Costa Rica

We’re at the Arenal 1968 hiking trails, we’re going to go for a walk to see the Arenal Volcano and afterwards, we’re going to go visit the hot springs. Where we are now is next to the national park, it’s like next to the national park but this is actually Continue Reading

Hiking Torres del Paine Circuit & W in Chile (Patagonia Expedition #08)

In the previous episode, we saw ice cracking down from the Perito Moreno glacier and listened to the story of the cyclists from Pedal South. Now, we’re back in Chile and doing the full 8-day circuit hike in the National Park Torres del Paine. (Kristin) Hola from Torres del Paine. Continue Reading

Hiking Sunset Peak in Hong Kong! One of the best hikes in Hong Kong! ⛰️ 🇭🇰

Today we’re gonna do one of the best hikes in Hong Kong, Sunset Peak. And right now we’re heading to Lantau Island to trek Hong Kong’s third highest peak. If we’re lucky, we’re gonna get some pretty amazing views I mean, it’s blue sky, it looks great so I can’t Continue Reading

Adventure Travel in Kyrgyzstan | Horse Trekking and Hiking Trip

Well it is our first full day in Kyrgyzstan. We’re getting started right into the adventures. Yes. Our horses are here right in town. We’re not even waiting until we get into the countryside. We’re going to get on them right away and yeah this is going to be awesome. Continue Reading

Figure Skating Jumps – Off Ice Rotation Exercises

hey guys it’s Mary welcome back to my channel today we’re gonna work on some off ice exercises to help our rotation in the air get ready for some doubles triples quads quints hope you guys are ready for this all for our first exercise we are going to do Continue Reading